Multiple Promotions Had Interest In Bray Wyatt Prior To WWE Return

Bray Wyatt

For weeks, WWE pushed a “White Rabbit” mystery, giving fans QR codes, signs in the crowd, human-sized white rabbits walking around arenas, Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” blaring in stadiums, cryptic video messages, commercial-style vignettes, and it all led to one thing: Bray Wyatt.

Last weekend at Extreme Rules, when it appeared that the Premium Live Event was closing out, the arena would go pitch-black, followed by the singing of “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” When that happened, the Firefly Fun House characters would reveal themselves, eventually leading to “The Fiend” character with a thunderous pop from the crowd.

The camera then shot over to the Extreme Rules entrance, where there was a closed door with smoke coming out of it and blue light blaring through it. Eventually, the door blasted open with blinding light as the visual, just for everything to go dark. Shortly after, we would see a lantern that was being held by a masked figure. When the figure removed the mask, it was revealed to be Bray Wyatt, officially marking his return to WWE.

Now with Wyatt back at World Wrestling Entertainment, we now have details on what other promotions were interested in his services after his release last year.

According to Sports Illustrated, feelers were sent out to Bray Wyatt with interest from each of AEW, IMPACT Wrestling and Mexico’s AAA, but obviously no deals were ever made, and Wyatt never made an appearance in the squared circle for any one-time event either. To this date, Wyatt’s last match was at WrestleMania 37 against Randy Orton in 2021.

TJR Wrestling also previously reported on Freddie Prinze Jr. offering Wyatt a contract with his new promotion.

Bray Wyatt, real name Windham Lawrence Rotunda, was originally listed as Windham on Twitter, however, it would suddenly get switched up to Wyatt6, the possible name of a potential faction for Wyatt. That was the first official hint of Wyatt’s return, as the name ‘Bray Wyatt’ is intellectual property of WWE, which would eventually lead us into the “White Rabbit” mystery.

WWE would release another QR code on Monday’s Raw, as well as a cryptic video message linked to Wyatt. Later on the show, the company confirmed that Bray Wyatt will be appearing on Smackdown this Friday.