NXT Stars Drop Hints They Could Be Involved With Bray Wyatt’s New Faction


On Saturday at WWE Extreme Rules, the show closed out with the much-anticipated return of Bray Wyatt, with World Wrestling Entertainment also dropping hints of a new Wyatt 6-style faction.

During the “White Rabbit” mystery, fans weren’t only speculating about a Wyatt return, but speculation also surrounded the idea of a new Wyatt Family stable.

In the middle of all the tension that is still ongoing due to the revealing of the human-form Firefly Fun House characters, two NXT stars are appearing to mix the pot, possibly hinting that they will be involved with the former WWE Universal Champion as they were responding to allegations of such. Those two NXT stars are Joe Gacy and Grayson Waller.

The comeback of Bray Wyatt was praised universally by fans, with all of the Firefly Fun House characters coming to life, which many fans have both speculated about and hoped for.

In the crowd, each Huskus The Pig Boy, Mercy The Buzzard, Rambling Rabbit and Abby The Witch would make an appearance, as well as Wyatt’s notorious gimmick known as “The Fiend.” Wyatt even revealed a possible new gimmick, originally making his appearance with a mask that hasn’t been seen before.

Multiple theories have been circulating throughout the wrestling community, as some fans believe they know the identities of the new Wyatt Family stable.

With Mercy The Buzzard, a lot of fans are giving heat towards Grayson Waller as being the one behind the new human-form gimmick, and the Australian talent didn’t do anything but add fuel to the fire when he responded to fans’ claims on Twitter:

Waller isn’t the only star from NXT who is being rumored, as well as addressing the potential of being in a new Wyatt Family faction, Joe Gacy has been doing the same thing, dropping cryptic clues for the past few days now.

After Extreme Rules, the three-time CZW World Heavyweight Champion put out a pair of tweets that piqued fans’ curiosity, and the timing of the tweets came right after WWE’s Premium Live Event. Instantly, fans made the connection between him and the Firefly Fun House.

Joe Gacy has previously drawn many comparisons to Bray Wyatt due to his cult leader gimmick in NXT. Also, fans have made the Wyatt-Gacy connection due to the word ‘Gacy’ being involved with a “White Rabbit” QR code.