AEW’s Will Ospreay Reveals Shocking Ambition

Will Ospreay pointing in the air on AEW Dynamite

Will Ospreay has a new international ambition.

In recent months, SoftGround Wrestling – or Ekigwo kya Bumbash – in Uganda has taken social media by storm. The promotion lives up to its name, with bouts taking place in a roped off area of mud.

Despite shows taking place in these rough and ready ‘venues,’ SGW wrestlers do take part in training, and the associated academy currently has over 180 students learning their craft.

Will Ospreay has been a fan of the promotion for a while now, and even helped fund their efforts to get a proper ring. When asked about them at the AEW Dynasty media scrum, Ospreay said SGW reminded him of his backyard wrestling days because of the positivity surrounding it.

“That gave me so much joy and happiness to see what they did. It reminds me of when we used to backyard (wrestle). I was lucky enough…my mom saw I was getting in trouble at school. To keep me off the street, she put a wrestling ring in my back garden. It wasn’t about performing to anyone. There was no stress. You had your best friends around you trying to will yourself on to do some good pro wrestling matches.

“Seeing that over there, I couldn’t believe the joy and the energy they were bringing to something. I see so many people being negative all the time. In a place like this especially where I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here and be part of this roster. To have those fans [at Dynasty], they were ridiculous. I can’t believe how lucky I am.

Ospreay went on to claim it was now his ambition to make his way over to Uganda to wrestle some of the stars of SGW.

“To see people moan, and then to see like, [SGW stars] wrestling on the ground for f**k sake. To see that and to see their enthusiasm and energy, I want to be part of that too. To be able to go, ‘there you go,’ a little wink and nudge. ‘I’ll see you over there soon lads.’ That’s my dream now, not dream, but my ambition. I really want to go to Uganda and do some wrestling.”

Ospreat might have the perfect opportunity to fulfil his ambition, as SGW’s own Sanjuki has issued a challenge to the British star for an inter-promotional main event.

Kenny Omega Has Similar SGW Ambitions To Will Ospreay

During a recent stream, Kenny Omega gave his take on SGW, saying it was infectious to see the passion of the wrestlers who worked there. After noting that the promotion is gaining traction, Omega said he would like to go over to Uganda to test their athletes himself.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.