Kenny Omega Teases Surprising Wrestling Appearance

Kenny Omega

A popular promotion has a fan in Kenny Omega.

In recent months, SGW in Uganda has earned a cult following online, with former WWE stars Maximum Male Models recently making an appearance.

The promotion has also caught the attention of Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega.

On a recent Twitch stream, Omega dived into his love of the promotion and hinted he could even make the trip to Uganda to get involved himself.

“Yes. Yes, I think we all are,” he said when asked if he was a fan of the promotion.

“SGW Uganda, one thing that I really love and appreciate about it is that when you’re watching it, you can feel the heart of the athletes. It’s infectious to see the passion of these people and the passion of through their work.

Even in the most rudimentary of ways, they wrestle on a dirt ring. It looks like bamboo posts. Visually, there are ropes, but I don’t think you can run them. You understand by watching that they are in there trying to do a professional wrestling show. I think they are doing a great job entertaining the fans. They are clearly doing a great job entertaining people online.

It’s quite impressive actually that a promotion with a small start and humble beginning has been able to attract so much attention around the world. As you’ve seen, they had a couple of folks from WWE visit there very recently. AEW alumni CIMA took his STRONGHEARTS there. This place, it’s getting traction. I think that’s wonderful. It’s cool. It’d be great to test their athletes or go out there myself.”

Kenny Omega Has Concerns About Rossy Ogawa

While Kenny Omega is a fan of SGW, he’s less impressed by Rossy Ogawa and his new company Marigold.

The AEW star hinted during a stream that there’s information lurking behind the scenes causing some talents to refuse to work with the former STARDOM boss. Omega went on to draw attention to Ogawa previously using underage girls in a swimsuit calendar and Marigold’s advertisement for girls as young as 13.

H/t to Fightful