Bray Wyatt Honored Brodie Lee During His WWE Comeback At Extreme Rules

Brodie Lee

On Saturday at Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt made his highly-anticipated return to WWE, and it looks like Wyatt also took advantage of the moment to honor the late Brodie Lee.

For the past few weeks, World Wrestling Entertainment has been on a mysterious “White Rabbit” campaign, teasing that something major was about to happen in the promotion.

As Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” started playing in arenas during house shows and TV commercial breaks, leading to QR codes being sent out during Raw and Smackdown episodes, massive speculation surrounded the prospect of Wyatt’s WWE comeback. In fact, it got to such a boiling point with the “White Rabbit” clues that many viewed it as a ‘Wyatt or Bust’ situation.

When Saturday night’s Extreme Rules was appearing to end with no Bray Wyatt being delivered, the lights then went off with the arena going completely dark with the singing of “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” over the speakers. The audience erupted, realizing it was the moment that Wyatt was going to reveal himself.

Then, the camera kept zooming in on different figures with spotlights centerpiecing them, and they would be human-form versions of the characters from Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House. Not just that, but The Fiend would also be presented as well. After the spotlighting, the camera then shifted to a door at the Extreme Rules entrance.

As smoke was pouring out and light blaring through it, the door busted open, exposing viewers to a strange blinding blue light before the arena went pitch black again. When things darkened, the WWE Universe then saw a lantern that they’re all very familiar with show up in the doorway.

When the person holding the lantern revealed themselves, it was a masked figure looking around at the fans. After a few seconds, the figure would take off the mask, revealing that it was Bray Wyatt, officially confirming that he was the one behind “White Rabbit.” When that happened, the audience erupted, from what some have said, louder than NFL and NBA games. The reaction from the crowd was that monstrous.

Before blowing out the lantern to end Extreme Rules, Wyatt declared “I’m here.”

After the iconic return, some fans noticed that Wyatt was giving tribute to the late, great Brodie Lee, who was known as Luke Harper during his time with the Wyatt Family faction.

When the Firefly Fun House characters were being revealed, a lot of fans pointed out the eerie mask that Abby The Witch was wearing. Come to find out, the mask is actually the same one that Brodie Lee wore while he was a part of the The Bludgeon Brothers tag team. Also, the blaring blue light that came out of Wyatt’s door had a very familiar feel to Brodie Lee’s entrance when he was in AEW.

On December 26, 2020, Brodie Lee would tragically pass away. When the cause of death was confirmed, it was revealed that Lee died from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

During his time in WWE, Brodie Lee was a key member of the Wyatt Family through its multiple reinventions between 2012-2019. At the end of 2019, he would exit WWE for AEW to become known as “The Exalted One” and debuted as the leader of The Dark Order faction.