White Rabbits Spotted At WWE Extreme Rules, Signs Handed Out

White Rabbit

Arriving at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for WWE Extreme Rules, fans arriving are being given signs that read “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enters Here.” At the bottom of the signs is a logo of the white rabbit.

Not just that, but fans are also being greeted with the appearance of multiple white rabbits that have been spotted walking all over the arena. White rabbits were also seen on television on Friday’s Smackdown, and also on their broadcast, WWE hinted that the “White Rabbit” mystery will be revealed at Saturday night’s Extreme Rules.

Most believe that the mystery will be over tonight, and it will lead us to the return of Bray Wyatt in World Wrestling Entertainment, however, it is currently unknown if he will be in Philadelphia physically or show up in a pre-recorded promo.

Fightful Select released a new report on Saturday, saying that sources that they’ve spoken with have “stepped off the gas” about Extreme Rules being where “the” reveal of “White Rabbit” will be made. Now, the sources are saying that Saturday’s Premium Live Event could just feature “one of the reveals.” Fightful also noted that it is unclear on what exactly the WWE sources meant with their comments.

Before Saturday, Fightful Select reported that the mystery would be revealed at Extreme Rules, and that Bray Wyatt was most likely the culprit behind the secret.