Update: ‘White Rabbit’ Reveal At WWE Extreme Rules

White Rabbit

After weeks of clues and teases, the WWE Universe was given another update today in a new report regarding the “White Rabbit” reveal at Saturday’s Extreme Rules Premium Live Event.

On Friday night’s Smackdown, World Wrestling Entertainment released potentially the last QR code associated with the mystery.

When scanned, the code takes the individual to a short 15-second video of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, which are the same characters that have appeared in previous vignettes.

Over the video, there’s audio of aggressive knocking at a door with the phrase “let me in,” popular with Bray Wyatt’s “The Fiend” character, being chanted over and over again, getting more and more aggressive and intense as the video went along.

Also in the video is a very, very quick shot of Huskus The Pig Boy, a character associated with Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House, that doesn’t even last a full second.

The webpage hosting the clip was labeled 10822 – 10/8/2022 – October 8, 2022 – the date of WWE Extreme Rules.

Later on Smackdown, WWE would give us a commercial-style vignette of the “White Rabbit” mystery, showing a white rabbit hopping across the television screen to a purple “X,” written in the font of Extreme Rules.

When the rabbit gets to the “X,” it jumps and digs into the symbol, digging a hole into the ground. Afterwards, a beam of light shoots into the sky, with the words “Feed Your Head,” appearing in multiple languages, closing out the vignette with the date of 10/8/22 flashing.

With all of the hype in the past few weeks, particularly last night, most are expecting the “White Rabbit” mystery to finally be revealed on Saturday night in Philadelphia. However, a new report is claiming that might not be the case at all.

According to Fightful Select, sources they have talked to have “stepped off the gas” about “the” reveal being made at Extreme Rules, instead the Premium Live Event could just have “one of the reveals.” Fightful went on to say that they’re sources were unclear on what they meant exactly.

Before Saturday, Fightful Select recently reported that the “White Rabbit” reveal would be made at Extreme Rules, and it was looking likely that Bray Wyatt was going to be the one behind the secret.

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE in July 2021.