Eric Bischoff Advocates Final WWE Run For Former Tag Team Champions

Eric Bischoff Advocates Final WWE Run For Former Tag Team Champions

Eric Bischoff expressed his fervent desire to witness brothers Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy return for their final match in WWE.

In an episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff underscored the significance of this potential reunion between The Hardy Boyz and WWE, envisioning it as a poignant conclusion to the storied wrestling journey of the iconic duo.

I mean I would like to see it, right? That’s a happy ending with an amazing journey and story and two guys who have contributed a lot and made so many memorable moments.

Bischoff remarked, reflecting on the prospect of the Hardy Boyz’s final clash in the WWE ring.

Matt Hardy’s tenure with WWE concluded in March 2020 following the expiration of his contract, with his last appearance on Raw dating back to January of the same year. Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy participated in his final WWE match on December 4th, 2021, during a Six-Man Tag Team bout, abruptly exiting midway due to unforeseen circumstances. Following an incident at a house show, Jeff was subsequently released from his contract.

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