Eric Bischoff Blasts “Horrible” Tony Khan AEW Dynamite Angle

Tony Khan & Eric Bischoff split image

Eric Bischoff remains unimpressed by AEW and Tony Khan.

The April 24th episode of AEW Dynamite went off the air with Tony Khan laying flat on the match surrounded by his father, referees, and officials after being attacked by The Elite.

In the main event segment — at the behest of The Young Bucks, Khan met Jack Perry to address his return to the company. While all initially appeared to be going well, Perry hit Khan with a microphone, and The Bucks followed up with a TK-Driver on the AEW boss.

Tony Khan appeared at night one of the NFL Draft wearing a neck brace to sell the attack.

Speaking on a special episode of Wise Choices, Eric Bischoff delivered a withering assessment of the action.

“If they would have produced this whole angle as kind of like a parody, like the billionaire Ted skits in WWE. If they would have made it a parody of how the nWo started and my scene in Baltimore, where I got Jackknife powerbombed off the stage and all that. If they would have set this whole scene up as a parody last night, I probably would have been all about it. I would have enjoyed it, at least it would have been entertaining.

Yes, it would have been comedy. Yes, they’d be taking a shot but they do that all the f*cking time anyway and whine like a bunch of little bitches, about tribalism, when between Tony Khan and Dave Meltzer. There’s no two single people out there who have contributed more to tribalism by taking shots and others than Dave Meltzer and Tony Khan, and the staff of AEW, but I don’t want to get off track.

If they would have produced that segment like Saturday Night Live was going to produce a wrestling skit on the beginning of the nWo, this would have been what they produced. It was so f*cking bad. It was parody. It was comedy. And the really sad part is they are taking this sh*t seriously, they meant that to be a serious angle. It was so f*cking horrible. From the beginning, throughout the middle, the end was just Oh my God. […]

This was without a doubt, the worst, most horribly produced professional wrestling show for primetime on a major cable outlet in the last maybe forever years.”

Tony Khan Comments On Eric Bischoff Feud

Despite previously being on good terms, the relationship between the former WCW boss and Khan has fallen apart in recent years.

In a recent interview, Tony Khan addressed the hostility between himself and Eric Bischoff, claiming the WWE Hall of Famer has taken shots at his company that are “illogical, irrational and not truthful.”

H/t to Inside The Ropes