AEW Star’s Career Is Over

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One AEW star’s career is said to be over with them needing surgery after they suffered a vicious assault by someone they thought was a friend.

Trent Beretta has been going through some stuff in recent weeks after turning on Orange Cassidy after they failed to reach the final of the tournament to crown new AEW World Tag Team Champions. That left Chuck Taylor, Beretta’s long-time tag team partner stuck in the middle until he took Cassidy’s side in the turmoil.

That led to a Parking Lot Brawl between Beretta and Taylor on the 27th of April edition of Rampage and saw Beretta smash Taylor’s leg with a wrench. On Dynamite in Winnipeg, an angry Orange Cassidy warned Beretta it was on sight between them and noted that Chuck Taylor’s career was over as a result of the injury. Trent Beretta confronted Cassidy before security stopped a brawl and bizarrely, Don Callis appeared and led Cassidy away.

Trent Beretta Not Sorry Chuck Taylor’s AEW Career Is Over

Speaking in a digital exclusive, Trent Beretta confirmed that Taylor’s career is over as the star is said to be facing surgery but he’s not sympathetic:

Man, I feel good. I mean, I’m beat to sh*t, but this is the best I’ve felt in years. Chuck Taylor’s career is over. He needs surgery. He’s never gonna wrestle again. You want me to feel sorry? Sorry that the guy that rode my coattails, coasted by on my coattails for ten years is done? Chuck hasn’t had his head in the game for a long time now. So I took him out of the game, and I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry. Orange Cassidy, it’s your turn now.

The Parking Lot Brawl was Taylor’s first bout in AEW in six months so it remains to be seen when or if he can ever return to the ring again.

Also on Dynamite, Swerve Strickland found out his next challenger for the AEW World Championship at Double Or Nothing.

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