AEW Star Named The Greatest Athlete Ever In Pro Wrestling

Jay White Billy Gunn AEW

Former WWE star Shelton Benjamin is recognised as one of wrestling’s best athletes in history but he thinks one AEW star outdoes him and everyone else.

Speaking to Simon Miller of WhatCulture, former Shelton Benjamin discussed his own athletic prowess in pro wrestling and said he’s flattered to be considered among the greats in that sense but there’s one athlete that stands out above all others and he’s still plying his trade in AEW at the grand age of 60:

Every time people say that, it’s flattering ring because I look at all the greats that have come down. Great athletes like Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat and Macho Man (Randy Savage). To me, I think the greatest athlete to ever enter pro wrestling is Billy Gunn. Billy Gunn…have you seen him?

To this day, he can out-bump anyone and out-work anyone. I can’t think of a better athlete. I think he’s number one and I’m number two. Shoutout to Billy Gunn. You are the friggin man. He’s the Hulk. We made this analogy one time about Billy Gunn. ‘When you see Billy Gunn on TV, it’s like seeing David Banner. It’s when you meet him in person that you realize he’s the Hulk.’ That’s how ripped Bully Gunn is. He’s a monster of a man.

Is Shelton Benjamin Heading To AEW?

Shelton Benjamin was released from WWE in September 2023 alongside other stars including Nic Nemeth, Dana Brooke, and Mustafa Ali. While the latter three have gone on to work in the likes of NJPW and TNA, Benjamin has stayed away from the ring, although he has been considering his options. Shelton Benjamin sent a pointed message to Tony Khan as he told AEW his door was open for business.

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