The Undertaker Not Impressed By WWE Draft

The Undertaker

The WWE Draft is done for another year with the rosters of Raw, SmackDown, and NXT set to lock in but The Undertaker felt there was something missing.

The 2024 WWE Draft kicked off on the 26th of April edition of SmackDown with Bianca Belair the number one overall draft pick. There was some contention before the draft began as Roman Reigns withdrew his eligibility to be drafted leaving The Bloodline languishing down the pecking order to be picked.

Stephanie McMahon made a surprise appearance on Raw where the rest of the picks were concluded. Some fans bemoaned the fact that the draft didn’t lead to as many changes as they’d have liked while The Undertaker felt there was something else missing.

The Undertaker Wanted Deals Made In WWE Draft

Speaking on his Patreon Raw Recap, The Undertaker revealed he wanted to see more wheeling and dealing between the brands:

You know what it missed for me? I want to see some deals made right. You know what I’m saying? Like a lot of teams, they want a quarterback. They trade up or they trade down.

You know, that would to me be more compelling to watch. You’re expecting your fan base to watch two nights of TV content. And I mean, to be completely honest, there wasn’t a whole lot of change really.

In total, there were 56 picks made across the two nights of the WWE Draft including the supplemental draft that followed both SmackDown and Raw. 23 of those picks saw movement from one brand to another with 33 picks seeing talents remain exactly where they were.

The 2011 WWE Draft saw John Cena drafted twice on the same night. The Raw star began his evening as SmackDown’s number one pick but by the end of the show he had been drafted back to the red brand.