The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 10/10/22 Review

wwe raw deal october 10

This week’s WWE Raw featured D-Generation X celebrating 25 years as a group, The Bloodline making an appearance, Bobby Lashley defending the US Title against Seth Rollins and more.

The WWE Extreme Rules Premium Live Event took place on Saturday night. The big news was that Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at the end of the show. Bray got a huge reaction from the crowd as a former main eventer that is back after being released by WWE in July 2021. I’m glad Bray’s back and look forward to whatever WWE has planned for him.

It’s also the “Season Premiere” episode of Raw for the show that doesn’t have an offseason or season finale. The new main Raw commentary team of Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves will be on the call for this show. The backstage interviewers will be Cathy Kelley and Byron Saxton.

This is the Raw Deal for episode #1533 of Monday Night Raw. It’s taking place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

The D-Generation X group was backstage in the Gorilla Position area behind the curtain. Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and X-Pac were there asking eachother if they were ready. They asked Triple H if he was ready as Hunter was seated there with a headset. Triple H talked to Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and X-Pac said that he has a show to run, so they have sponsors to worry about. Hunter warned them not to say bad words, so Dogg said “penis” and then they all started swearing, but it was muted. Even Hunter swore, which was censored as well. Shawn pointed out “four cocks” hanging out there. Hunter asked who put them there. They were plastic chickens. Shawn grabbed one of the cocks, Shawn said it was time for him to “choke the chicken” (Google it, kids) and Shawn/X-Pac/Road Dogg left. Hunter told them “no fighting” and they all left while Hunter stayed in the Gorilla position to run the show.

Analysis: Some classic DX comedy to start the show. The swear words were muted, so it was a clever way to do it.

The Monday Night Raw intro video aired. It’s the same “feels like greatness” song they have had for about three months.

Corey Graves welcomed us to the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. Graves was joined by his new broadcast partner Kevin Patrick, who said it was an honor being in this chair on this iconic show. Kevin’s got an Irish accent, so some people may not like it, but I think he’s solid from when I heard him on Main Event for the last few years. They talked about what was coming up while a graphic showing Bray Wyatt drew a huge pop.

Let’s Hear from The Bloodline

The entire Bloodline group made their entrance led by the “Tribal Chief” Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns joined by the “Special Counsel” Paul Heyman, the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos, Solo Sikoa and the “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn. Reigns and his cousins were wearing “We The Ones” shirts while Zayn was wearing his “Honorary Uce” shirt. Reigns has been Universal Champion for 771 days. They showed a clip from last week’s Smackdown when Logan Paul tried to cause problems for The Bloodline wondering if Jey Uso thought he was The Tribal Chief, so Reigns had to calm down Jey.

When Reigns and the group got into the ring, Reigns did his usual opening line: “Brooklyn, New York…acknowledge me.” Lots of cheering. I think there were some chants for Sami Zayn. Reigns said he likes to look forward, but he can’t stop thinking about last Friday on Smackdown. Reigns said that his father taught him that the loudest in the room is also the weakest in the room. Reigns mentioned cousin Jey and asked him “are you a fool?” Sami spoke up, so the crowd cheered. Zayn said that Reigns told him that Jey was his responsibility now, so Zayn said that as the Honorary Uce he wanted to handle this whole situation. Reigns: “He really is the Honorary Uce” so Reigns told him to go ahead. Loud “Sami” chants.

Zayn told Jey that they all love him because they’re family. Zayn said that they were spit-balling (him and Reigns) about the future direction of the group and he felt like they connected. Zayn told Jey that his behavior of late hasn’t been very “ucey.” Sami asked:” Who doesn’t love Jimmy?” The fans cheered. Sami and Jimmy did a handshake while Jimmy was smiling. When Sami mentioned Solo he said he was built like a brickhouse and also kind of cool. Sami said that they were all kind of cool actually, so they needed Jey to be cool. Jey asked Reigns if this was a joke and he wasn’t happy about Zayn trying to tell Jey what to do.

Bro…it’s time for Matt Riddle. That led to Riddle walking out to brag about beating Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules and made him tap out in the Fight Pit Match. Riddle mentioned he can’t face Reigns again because of a contract, but he wanted to face Reigns one more time for the championship. Riddle claimed that the people want it. Reigns asked Brooklyn if they should give Riddle another chance, Riddle was excited and Reigns said “nah.” Reigns told Riddle to stay in the back of the line. Riddle wondered if one of the “Bloodline bros” would step up. The fans chanted “Sami” so Jey told Sami to step up. Jey said “yeet” so Sami said “yeet” to him. Zayn asked Riddle if he thought he was funny or something. Riddle said “yeet” so Zayn told him that “yeet” is a family thing because it’s a Bloodline thing. Riddle said “yeet” again so Jey said that Riddle was disrespecting Zayn. That led to Sami saying he’ll step up and challenged Riddle to a match tonight. Riddle: “I accept…yeet.” Riddle’s music hit to end it.

Analysis: This was great. A long promo segment that took nearly 20 minutes, but I didn’t find that it dragged on too long. Reigns is good on the microphone, the fans absolutely love Zayn at this point and Jey’s interaction with Zayn continuing to entertain me. They are obviously building to more issues with Jey/Zayn with Zayn eventually being kicked out of the group and becoming a big time babyface. You can hear the crowd is already solidly behind Zayn, which is great to see.

The Gargano-Theory match was the first match after a break.


A video package aired about Extreme Rules with highlights of the six matches along with the return of Bray Wyatt after the main event.

Austin Theory vs. Johnny Gargano

Gargano with some chops, then a boot up on a charging Theory and Gargano got a hurricanrana off the middle rope. Gargano rolled through with a kick to the head. Gargano went for a DDT on the apron, but Theory blocked it and hit a suplex on the apron.


Gargano ran the ropes with a running cross body block, an enziguri kick, a double knee attack in the corner and Theory sent Gargano to the apron leading to Gargano hitting a Spear for two. Theory avoided a suicide dive, then Gargano tried to jump into the ring, but Theory stopped that with a punch to the face. Theory with a flipping slam sending Gargano into the mat. There were “Johnny Wrestling” chants as they exchanged left handed strikes. Theory avoided a move and applied the Gargano Escape submission. Gargano countered it into a cradle pin for two. Gargano managed to apply the Gargano Escape, but Theory got out of it and Theory hit an impressive superkick knocking Gargano down. Theory worked over Gargano with punches to the head. Theory went for a move from the apron, but Gargano hit him with a superkick. Gargano jumped onto Theory on the floor leading to a DDT on the floor by Johnny. That was impressive. Gargano jumped back into the ring with the One Final Beat DDT for the pinfall win after about nine minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Johnny Gargano

Analysis: ***1/4 This was pretty good with Gargano stopping a diving move from Theory with a superkick, then Gargano hit a DDT on the floor and the One Final Beat DDT in the ring for the win. I thought they would get a bit more time for the match, but it was still entertaining. I don’t think Gargano is capable of really having a bad match. The bad thing is that Theory loses far too much for a guy with the Money in the Bank briefcase, but I’m certainly fine with Gargano getting some positive momentum with a win here.

A match between Rey Mysterio and Chad Gable was up next.


There was a plug for The Undertaker doing his 1 DeadMan Show on Friday, November 25th in Boston one night before Survivor Series.

They showed actor Uli Latukefu, who plays The Rock on Young Rock. He does a really good job on that show.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chad Gable (w/Otis)

They are two of the shortest guys on the WWE roster and also two of the best in-ring performers. Gable got a takedown leading to an armbar, then a shoulder tackle by Gable and a side headlock takedown. Rey got a headscissors takedown to send Gable out of the ring. Rey did a sliding attack under the bottom rope leading to a sunset flip into the barricade. That led to The Judgment Day’s music hitting as Rey shook his head. Rhea Ripley and Rey’s son Dominik Mysterio made their entrance with Rey looking frustrated about it.


Gables lammed Rey onto the mat followed by a German Suplex. Ripley and Dominik were at ringside while Ripley had a “BETH” armband on her arm. Gable caught Rey in an Ankle Lock submission, Rey managed to counter it by sending Gable into the turnbuckle. Rey jumped over the top, Otis caught him and Rey shoved Otis into the ring post. Rey tried a headscissors, Gable fought it, Rey managed to send Gable into the ropes and Rey hit a 619 kick. Rey hit a top rope splash for the pinfall win after about seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Rey Mysterio

Analysis: **3/4 A solid match that wasn’t that long, but it was entertaining for the time given. Rey needed a win after losing quite a bit in the last few months.

Post match, Dominik got in the ring with Rey, who tried to leave, but Ripley was on the apron. Dominik did some light shoves to the chest to his father, Dominik dared Rey to hit him and Dominik slapped his father hard in the face. Dominik dared Rey to hit him, so Rey punched Damian Priest off the apron. Rey with a headscissors on Finn Balor, who bumped into Dominik. Rey went for a 619 kick on Balor, but Dominik went back into the ring to clothesline Rey. The fans were booing as Dominik stood over his father. Dominik dared Rey to hit him while the fans chanted “you suck” at Dominik. Rey was asking “why Dom?” Dominik continued to dare his dad to hit him, but Rey wouldn’t do it, so Dominik hit his dad with a forearm to the back leading to Rey bumping into the ropes. Ripley held Rey’s arms, so Dominik hit the 619 kick on Rey. The fans were booing.

Analysis: That was an effective post match in terms of getting heat on Dominik for the cheap attack on his father. Rey remains reluctant to hit his son, which makes sense for a babyface father. I think they are going to do a slow burn to set up a match eventually, but I don’t think they’re going to rush it. The crowd reacting so harshly to Dominik and The Judgment Day group shows that the story is working really well. It is a bit unrealistic that Rey is alone against four people and nobody tries to help him, but that’s what they need to do to advance the story.


They showed replays of what happened before the break. During the break, Rey was selling the attack and also in tears because of what happened.

Analysis: Rey is a good actor, especially compared to some people in pro wrestling. I wouldn’t say Rey was always like that. He has improved a lot in his career.

Let’s Hear from The Judgment Day

The Judgment Day was in the ring for a promo with Rhea Ripley saying they run Monday Night Raw. Damian Priest said that is the truth because everybody that steps to them falls while The Judgment Day continues to rise. Priest mentioned how Finn Balor handled business at Extreme Rules. Balor said when you come at Finn, you best not miss (a line originally from one of my favorite shows ever, The Wire where you would replace Finn with “king” in that instance). Balor bragged about how he was the guy that made Edge say “I Quit” and Balor claimed he was too legit to quit. Balor called for a replay.

They showed what happened in the Balor-Edge match with Balor forcing Edge to say “I Quit” because Rhea Ripley was about to hit Edge’s wife with a Conchairto double chair attack. After Edge quit, Ripley hit Phoenix with the Conchairto anyway. The fans booed at the end of it.

Ripley joked that it brings a tear to her eye. Ripley showed off the armbar that had “BETH” written on it. Ripley said that what she did was just a glimpse of what she’s capable of. Dominik spoke up, so the fans loudly booed him. Dominik said his favorite part, other than 619-ing his own father, was seeing the devastated look on his face on Saturday night. Dominik said that his father Rey deserves to feel useless and helpless like Rey has made him feel his entire life.

Balor mentioned AJ Styles saying he hopes that Styles has reconsidered things since they last spoke. Balor said he wanted to offer Styles an ultimatum…and here comes Styles.

AJ Styles made his entrance to a strong reaction from the crowd. Styles mentioned the ultimatum with Balor saying that Styles made this harder than it needed to be. Styles said he’s not there to argue with him, Styles said that Balor was right and said that everything he ever needed was standing right in front of him. Styles said there comes a time in a man’s life where he needs friends, so in AJ’s case he needs family and AJ mentioned being his brother’s keeper. Styles kneeled down in front of Balor, the fans booed and Styles hugged Balor. Finn said he was so proud of Styles. AJ said: “I wasn’t talking about you.”

It’s Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows back in WWE! Welcome back to WWE as AJ’s backup as The OC is back together again. The fans were chanting “holy shit” loudly so WWE had to mute it. Gallows decked Dominik with a punch, so that led to Styles, Gallows and Anderson looking dominant. Gallows battled Priest on the floor while Anderson fought with Dominik. Styles and Balor were fighting in the ring, Balor to the floor and Styles tackled Balor over the announce table. Gallows with a chair to Priest’s back. Priest retreated while Ripley grabbed Dominik to get away. Balor was all alone against Styles, Gallows & Anderson, so Finn managed to get away. Styles stood tall in the ring with Gallows & Anderson. The OC did their hand gesture to end it. That ended the segment.

Analysis: That was cool. There were rumors of Gallows & Anderson coming back to WWE, so here they are. That’s more depth for the tag team division. Styles really hasn’t had anything interesting to do since WrestleMania season. This should help him. We know Triple H is a big fan of stables in wrestling since there are so many of them on Raw/Smackdown now, so having The OC back makes sense as a babyface group. This should easily set up a six-man tag team match. I thought The Judgment Day did well with their heel promos, you can tell the fans hate Dominik for what he did to Rey and I expect Dom to continue to get booed heavily. Balor was really good as usual. I don’t know if Gallows & Anderson would have come back if it was a Vince McMahon-led WWE, but with Triple H in charge, they were probably more open to it. We have more news on Anderson probably having to wrestle one more time in NJPW to drop the title as well.

They showed Bayley being interviewed by Byron Saxton earlier in the day. Dakota Kai and IYO SKY were there. Kai said that there wasn’t a setback because Bayley lost to Bianca Belair. Kai said that Bayley was the only one to help her when she came back at SummerSlam. Kai said she’ll do anything for her girls. Kai said that these women have no idea what Kai and SKY would do for Bayley. Kai said that when Bayley gets another shot, she’ll get the title that she deserves. SKY spoke in Japanese and Bayley said IYO said that tonight Bayley is going to kick Candice LeRae’s ass.

Analysis: The line by Kai about Bayley being the one to help her get back to WWE is a good thing to have Kai say because it puts over her loyalty to Bayley.


Roman Reigns was shown in the parking lot with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. Jey Uso walked up to Reigns wondering what was up, Reigns said that they were going into the city because Heyman has them set up at a nice place. Reigns told Jey to stay with Sami and Reigns wanted Jey to make sure that the Honorary Uce (Sami) wins tonight. Reigns told Jey that Solo was with Reigns tonight.

Bayley vs. Candice LeRae

Bayley drove LeRae into the corner with punches and a shoulder tackle. LeRae with an armdrag, dropkick and flipping neckbreaker for a two count. I think Kevin just said “what a maneuver” that was a classic Vince-ism. LeRae hit a missile dropkick off the ropes leading to a break.


LeRae was in control with a running attack in the corner and a senton splash on the back. LeRae hit a dropkick for two. LeRae to the ropes, Bayley gave her a shot there and LeRae was selling the left knee. Bayley wrenched the left knee against the top rope. Bayley went for her Roseplant finisher, but LeRae countered it into a rollup and sat on top for the pinfall win. It went about six minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Candice LeRae

Analysis: **1/4 That was okay. It was shorter than I would have liked, but you can’t have every match go long. The fans weren’t that into the match because I think they need to do more to establish LeRae on the main roster. It was an upset finish with LeRae picking up the biggest win she’s had since being on Raw. I thought Bayley would win to give her a win back after losing at Extreme Rules, but they put LeRae over instead.

After the match, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY attacked LeRae in the aisle and tossed LeRae back into the ring. Sky picked up LeRae as Kai kicked her in the ribs leading to Sky giving LeRae a backbreaker. Bianca Belair ran out there with the Raw Women’s Title. Belair knocked down Kai, but Damage CTRL was able to stop Belair quickly. Bayley hit a running knee on LeRae. Bayley jumped off the middle rope and hit Belair in the back to drive her into the ring. I think they wanted Belair to hit the title on the bump, but Belair just hit the mat. Bayley shouted that this is what a real team looks like.

Analysis: A segment just to get more heat on Damage CTRL as a group. It should set up a tag team match. I guess the story is that Asuka and Alexa Bliss are hurt while the other face women have no interest in helping Belair apparently.

The Miz was shown walking backstage. There was a QR Code in the background. The Miz’s wife Maryse was there and it was great to see her as usual. Maryse handed Miz a gift and it was a baseball bat. They kissed a bit.

Analysis: The QR Codes are continuing even though Bray Wyatt returned at Extreme Rules. That’s fine because some people like that stuff.


The Miz’s Birthday Celebration

Maryse was in the ring to introduce her husband The Miz for his birthday celebration. There were balloons, tables, presents, an ice sculpture and a cake on it. The Miz turned 42 years old on Saturday, which means he’s nearly one month older than me. Anyway, Miz did a promo about how his bat was signed by Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Guardians and Miz mocked the crowd thinking it would be Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees. (The Guardians and Yankees meet in the MLB Playoffs starting on Tuesday for what it’s worth.) Miz ripped on Brooklyn more saying having the best player in the league doesn’t mean you win championships and mentioned Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets. The fans booed the trash talk.

The Miz pulled the cover off a gift and they were two giant red balls that had Miz pictures on them, so Maryse said they were “two massive balls.” Miz said he loved them. That led to the “tiny balls” chant. Miz grabbed a present that was on there, he took the cover off and it was Dexter Lumis’ head there. Miz grabbed the bat, he swung at the table and Lumis was gone. Lumis snuck up behind Miz and applied the Silence sleeper again. Miz accidentally hit Maryse with his foot and Maryse went into the cake (sort of). Miz ran away like a coward while Maryse was still in the ring. Maryse left under the bottom rope. Lumis grabbed a big knife that was in the ring with the kick and he deflated the two huge balls that were there. The fans were chanting “eat the cake” so Lumis cut a piece of cake and ate some of the cake. Graves: “What the hell is wrong with this guy?” That was it.

Analysis: I’m not going to say that the level of acting was great here, but it continued the story of Lumis continuing to haunt Miz. I assume they probably wanted Maryse to take a bigger bump into the cake and she just didn’t do it. The idea was that Miz accidentally kicked his wife into the cake while Lumis was putting the Silence on Miz. Anyway, at least it wasn’t that long because in the past I could see the segment going really long and instead they got right to the point. That’s a good thing anyway.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins was shown backstage with his ribs taped up because his match was up next.


The DX members Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and X-Pac were backstage talking to local guys about to be in a match. Road Dogg told them to give it to Omos, the guys were hyped up and they left. The Miz walked up to them with the deflated giant balls and Maryse. Miz: “Look at what he did to my massive gifts.” X-Pac wanted some cake. Michaels said he knows Lumis while adding that Miz must have done something to piss him off. Road Dogg suggested that next week Miz in a match against Dexter Lumis. Road Dogg and Michaels told Miz he faces Lumis in a match next week where if Lumis loses he’s gone, but if Lumis wins then he gets a contract with WWE. Miz accepted it.

Analysis: That should be a win for Lumis. It is a bit silly making the audience think that Lumis still doesn’t have a contract, but it is fine as a storyline to make it seem like Lumis has to earn it.

Omos (w/MVP) vs. Robert Adams (aka Chico) & Joseph Torres (aka Joey Ace)

Omos hit Torres with a boot to the face. Omos sent Adams into the top rope for the Snake Eyes followed by a running shoulder tackle. Omos suplexed Torres back into the ring. Omos with running splashes on both guys in the corner. Omos hit a double Chokeslam on both guys at the same time. Omos put a foot on Chico for the pinfall win after just over one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Omos

Analysis: 1/4* Squash city. Population: Chico and Ace. It was just a way to make Omos look dominant in a quick match.

Post match, Omos picked up both guys and gave them a Choke Bomb slam to the mat.

The US Title match was up next after a look at Bray Wyatt’s return.


They showed the ending of Extreme Rules when Bray Wyatt made his return to it. They showed the full segment that lasted about five minutes. Since it wasn’t a PLE, they had to mute the fans chanting “holy s**t” at the end of it.

Let’s Hear from Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley made his entrance as the United States Champion with the fans cheering him. Lashley said he’s going to be a fighting champion like he’s said every week. Lashley talked about beating the best in the business like Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and he called out Seth Rollins to come out there right now. But wait…it’s Brock Lesnar! I read a report that he was backstage earlier in the day, but I didn’t know where they would use him on the show.

The smiling farmer Brock Lesnar made his entrance to a HUGE reaction. Lesnar was not advertised for the show and has been off WWE TV since losing at SummerSlam on July 30, so “The Beast” is back. Lesnar had a cowboy hat on along with a jean jacket, jeans and a new black shirt. Lesnar did a slow walk around the ring before getting into the ring with Lashley.

Lesnar: “Well, holy s**t!” It was muted because there was a slight delay on a live TV broadcast. Lesnar said good evening to Brooklyn and good evening to Bobby Lashley. Bobby held up his US Title, Lesnar picked him up and hit an F5. The fans chanted “one more time” leading to Lesnar hitting a German Suplex. That was a rough bump on the shoulder. Lesnar hit Lashley with another F5. The fans wanted to see it again so they chanted “one more time” again. Lesnar applied a kimura lock submission on Lashley’s left arm. Lesnar left while Lashley was selling and the show went to break.

Analysis: That was a surprise I wasn’t expecting. It should lead to a Lesnar-Lashley match at Crown Jewel, which is a major show for WWE and it’s a big match for that event. Lesnar did face Lashley earlier this year, but they didn’t have a clean match. Maybe this time they’ll have more of a proper “dream match” that’s competitive between two talented big guys. What Lesnar did was very heelish for sure, but I don’t think that means Lesnar is going to be a heel. I think it was just a way for Lesnar to deliver a message with a dominating attack.


They replayed Lesnar’s attack on Lashley.

Lashley was shown getting checked on by WWE’s Medical team along with some referees at ringside.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins made his entrance with his ribs taped up. Rollins was in the ring calling for Lashley to come into the ring to have this match. Rollins was shouting: “I want it now. Get in here.” Lashley was getting helped at ringside. Rollins did a promo saying that Lashley wasn’t going to get out of the title match that easily. Rollins shouted at Lashley saying he was supposed to be a fighter, a champion and a soldier. Lashley turned around to face Rollins, so Rollins called him a disgrace to the US Title and a disgrace to your country. That insult led to Lashley walking up the steps to have the match while Lashley was selling the left arm injury. Lashley told referee Shawn Bennett to ring the bell, so Bennett called for the bell to ring.

Analysis: Lashley did a good job of selling the left arm injury after Lesnar put the Kimura Lock on him. Rollins pissing off Lashley into having the match fit Seth’s character as a heel. Rollins mentioning Lashley being a soldier (which Lashley was) made it more personal too.

United States Championship: Bobby Lashley vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Lashley charged, but Rollins was ready for him with a Pedigree for two. Rollins went up top and jumped off the top with a Frog Splash on Lashley. Rollins went for The Stomp, Lashley avoided it and Lashley hit a Spear. Both guys were down selling with Lashley doing a great job of selling the left arm injury. Lashley wanted the Hurt Lock, but Rollins elbowed the left arm. Rollins with a rolling elbow to the face, a superkick and a rolling elbow to the back of the head. Rollins kicked Lashley’s left arm. Rollins ran the ropes leading to The Stomp into the mat. Rollins hit The Stomp on Lashley again for the pinfall win after three minutes.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW US Champion: Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Analysis: *1/2 A quick match following Lashley getting attacked by Lesnar. I predicted a title change in the preview post I did about this show, so the result didn’t surprise me that much. It just felt like the right time for Rollins to win a title again. Lashley did a great job of selling, so did Rollins and Rollins was aggressive as the heel in the match. It was a bit tainted because Lashley was hurt going into the match. However, it should set up Lashley-Lesnar at Crown Jewel, so that’s a big match to do in the future. Rollins was absolutely the right guy to win the title in a tainted way.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins celebrated with the US Title while the fans sang along with Seth’s music. Rollins stood on the commentary table as the fans sang along with the music again.

Analysis: I think Seth has arguably been the best wrestler in WWE this year, so I’m glad he’s holding a title now. If the WWE and Universal Title weren’t both on Roman Reigns I think Rollins might be holding the WWE Title at this point, but the US Title is fine because they book it well in this era of WWE.


They replayed Lashley losing the US Title to Rollins from before the break.

Bobby Lashley was backstage holding his left arm with Byron Saxton there for an interview. Lashley said he’s going to get Rollins again, but he’s also going to beat Brock Lesnar’s ass when he gets the opportunity. Lashley said he’s going to show The Beast that he ain’t nothing but a little bitch.

A mysterious video aired showing the masked figure that we saw Bray Wyatt wear at Extreme Rules. It was a video that had technical difficulties. A phrase kept being repeated: “Revel in what you are.” It ended there.

Analysis: Even though Bray Wyatt returned at Extreme Rules, they are still going to keep doing the mysterious videos. That’s fine because I think people like it.

Matt Riddle made his entrance for his match up next.


A video aired letting us know that Elias returns to Raw next week. I wonder if they will mention Ezekiel again? Probably not. That was a Vince McMahon creative thing. I think this Triple H regime has moved on from it.

“The Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn made his entrance accompanied by The Usos. Sami and The Usos put their fingers up to tell us they are The Ones while Jey looked angry as usual.

Sami Zayn (w/Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. Matt Riddle

Zayn got a shoulder tackle knockdown. Riddle came back with a kick to the chest followed by a knee to the ribs. Riddle hit a running forearm to the face. Zayn hit a running clothesline. Zayn drove his two knees on Riddle’s back while against the ropes. Jey hit a cheap shot kick while Riddle was against the ropes. Zayn said he was handling it and he told Jey he didn’t need his help. Zayn charged at Riddle, who tossed Zayn over the top to the floor. Zayn tripped up Riddle on the apron. Zayn hit a moonsault off the top rope onto Riddle on the floor.


This Friday on Smackdown in New Orleans: Bray Wyatt is there. “What does Bray Wyatt have in store?” That’s it. They played the clip of Bray saying: “I’m here.” I think advertising Wyatt for Smackdown is smart and it should lead some pretty good viewership numbers.

Zayn sent Riddle into the turnbuckle followed by an elbow smash. Riddle avoided an elbow smash leading to an up kick to the head. Riddle with an Exploder Suplex, a kick and a broton splash. Riddle with a forearm in the corner, Zayn hit a Michinoku Driver and got a two count. Zayn went up top, Riddle went up there, Zayn with a headbutt and Zayn jumped off the top with nothing leading to Riddle hitting a knee to the face (Sami got a hand up to block it) for a two count. The fans were chanting “Sami Uso” for Zayn. Riddle was on the top rope, Zayn tripped him up there and Zayn stopped Jey from doing a cheap shot while the referee wasn’t looking. Zayn told Jey he didn’t need his help. Riddle got a rollup for two. Riddle with a headscissors that sent Zayn out of the ring to the floor. Riddle hit a twisting splash off the ropes onto a standing Zayn leading to a break.


The match returned with both guys running the ropes leading to a double clothesline. Zayn with a kick to the face, Riddle with a ripcord knee and Zayn caught Riddle with an Exploder Suplex into the turnbuckle. Zayn charged, but Riddle caught him with a powerslam (like Randy Orton). Riddle followed up by going for a DDT off the apron, but Zayn hit a back body drop over the top to the floor. Zayn distracted the referee, then looked at Jey, who wasn’t doing anything and it was like Jey was saying that Sami told Jey that Sami has got this on his own. Jey held Jimmy back while Riddle kicked Zayn in the ribs repeatedly. Back in the ring, Zayn ducked a kick, he went for the Blue Thunder Bomb, Riddle landed on his feet and Riddle hit the RKO for the pinfall win after 16 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Matt Riddle

Analysis: ***1/2 A long match that was very good between two talented wrestlers. They also did a nice job of doing spots in the match to further the Zayn/Jey story. When Jey wanted to interfere, Zayn told him not to. However, when Zayn needed help and looked like he wanted help, Jey stayed back because he was following orders. It was booked really well because it furthered the story while also delivering a very good match.

After the match, Zayn was on the floor in front of The Usos. Jimmy wanted to help Zayn up or something like that, but Jey held his brother back.

While Matt Riddle was by the entrance, the music of D-Generation X hit and the classic DX song played to a big pop. I’m guessing The Usos and Zayn left through the crowd to go to the back.

D-Generation X Celebrates 25 Years

The D-Generation X group including Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Road Dogg and X-Pac arrived as somebody drove a Jeep into the arena. They were dressed in the DX colors along with the green glow sticks that were tossed into the crowd. They went into the ring to pose for the crowd, who was cheering them loudly. D-Generation X was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 with Graves joking that he was 13-year-old again. I was about 17 when DX was formed. It was the perfect age for it as everybody would end up doing crotch chop gestures in school. I guess for those of you that were younger, you probably got in trouble doing crotch chops.

X-Pac told Brooklyn, New York to raise some hell and make a little noise. X-Pac did a shout to the magic ingredient in the DX recipe, the “Ninth Wonder of the World” Chyna. The fans cheered that.

Analysis: That was good. I’m glad X-Pac did that. Chyna deserves to be mentioned and honored for what she did in WWE. They did a nice job of mentioning her a lot during the DX Hall of Fame induction too. Chyna died in 2016. May she rest in peace.

Road Dogg did the classic New Age Outlaws entrance. Dogg called them D-Geriatric X. Instead of saying the “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn name, Dogg pointed the microphone to the crowd who said it for him. Graves had a good line: “The other guy is doing something with office equipment these days.” That is a reference to the popular AEW act The Acclaimed that Gunn is a part of with the “scissor me Daddy Ass” (Daddy Ass is the name they call Billy Gunn) catchphrase. Office equipment would be the scissors in Corey’s reference.

Triple H said it smells funny in here. Hunter said it’s been 25 years and asked who was watching them in the beginning. Hunter laughed saying they aren’t that damn old. Hunter said they are old. Shawn Michaels said that he feels a lot better knowing we’re all older now. Hunter wanted to know: “Are you ready?” Hunter said it again like he did many times before. Hunter did the rest of the introduction, Hunter thanked the fans for 25 years and said they loved us all. Hunter: “Hold on, I gotta catch my breath first.” That was funny. Dogg: “I wish you would have given me that opportunity.” That was good too. Hunter did the ending line: “Let’s get ready to suck it.”

Shawn Michaels spoke about 25 glorious years of D-Generation X. Michaels was greeted with loud “HBK” chants for the Heartbreak Kid who doesn’t look like much of a kid anymore, but he’s my favorite of all time. Michaels joked that if they are back out there 25 years from now, you’ll put them out of their misery. Michaels: “And if you ain’t down with that, we’ve got two words for ya…” and the crowd yelled “SUCK IT” to end it.

D-Generation X celebrated in the ring while their music played. There was no angle or interruption or anything like that. They posed together in the ring again. The show ended there.

Analysis: It was a fun dose of nostalgia to end it. They busted out the DX classic lines and the fans loved it. I liked the old jokes too. It was what it needed to be. Maybe some people thought there would be an angle or something like that, but there wasn’t any of that. It was just a chance to celebrate 25 years of DX while saying their classic lines.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Brock Lesnar/Bobby Lashley – I’m putting Lashley because he sold that attack so well.
  2. Matt Riddle/Sami Zayn
  3. Rey Mysterio

Welcome back to Gallows & Anderson too.

The Scoreboard

7.75 out of 10

Last week: 7

Final Thoughts

It was a very entertaining show this week. The match quality wasn’t as strong top to bottom as some other episodes in this Triple H Era of Raw, but it had some fun moments. It’s an example that you don’t always have to have great matches to put on a fun show. The story between Sami Zayn and Jey Usos in The Bloodline remains one of the best stories that they are slowly advancing week by week. I liked the opening segment with the Bloodline and then Riddle beating Zayn later in the show.

The biggest news was Brock Lesnar returning announced to attack Bobby Lashley. The fans loved Brock, so I don’t see him being a heel. It should set up Lesnar-Lashley as a big match at Crown Jewel and this time they can have a real match instead of their tainted match earlier in the year. Seth Rollins capitalized on the Lashley situation to win the US Title in about three minutes because Lashley was hurt. I like how it was booked and I’m fine with the title change because Rollins deserves to have a title.

We also saw AJ Styles get some backup in the form of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows (the group is named The OC again) returning to WWE. That’s good because Styles hasn’t had much to do for a while, so now he can fight against Finn Balor and The Judgment Day with some backup. There are a lot of stables in WWE right now, which allows for more people to be on the show. The DX nostalgia act in the main event was okay. There was no angle or anything. Just a run through the catchphrases with some old jokes. It was a cool way to end it.

I thought Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves did a nice job as the commentary team. Patrick puts over the stories while he clearly has chemistry with Graves since they joked with eachother a lot. Patrick doesn’t call the action that great in terms of calling all the moves, but Graves helps with that. Kevin even said “what a maneuver” at one point, which is a classic Vince McMahon commentary line.

There was no Bray Wyatt on the show in person other than a quick video, but he will be on Smackdown this Friday.

The next WWE Premium Live Event is Crown Jewel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday, November 5th. Here’s what we know so far.

wwe crown jewel 2022 roman reigns logan paul

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Logan Paul


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