Nancy Benoit’s Sister Takes Issue With Jordynne Grace

Nancy Benoit

Nancy Benoit’s sister, Sandra Toffoloni, says she’s been left “heartbroken” by Jordynne Grace’s recent controversial comments and apology online.

Current IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace caused a storm online when she claimed Chris Benoit would not be able to compete with today’s wrestling stars due to his inability to remember matches. Grace also added that Benoit should burn in hell for the actions that led to the death of his wife Nancy and son Daniel.

Chris Benoit murdered his wife Nancy Benoit and their seven-year-old son Daniel over a weekend in June 2007. Chris Benoit then took his own life, leading WWE to air a tribute episode of Raw for the star before the facts around the case became clear. Subsequently, Chris Benoit has never been mentioned again on WWE television and many fans feel unable to watch his old matches.

Several wrestling stars responded to Grace’s comments including Knockouts legend Gail Kim, while former WCW star Konnan added that Grace had “made an ass of herself” while Chavo Guerrero said that Grace had “lost a lot of wrestling credibility.”

This led to an apology from Jordynne Grace as well as the announcement that she was donating $5,000 to the Concussion Legacy Foundation, and Grace also appeared on social media with David Benoit – the other son of Chris Benoit.

However, one person Jordynne Grace apparently did not reach out to was Sandra Toffolini, the sister of the murdered Nancy Benoit. Taking to social media, Toffolini who bravely appeared in the Dark Side Of The Ring episode centred on the Benoit tragedy, says that once again her family has been an afterthought:

“It’s weird, I didn’t hear my phone ring. I really thought the work, I’ve been putting in for 15 yrs trying to keep & elevate my sister’s legacy hadn’t gone unnoticed. Guess my family is an afterthought…again. I don’t…I don’t even know where to f*cking start. #heartbroken”

“To think I broke all the yrs of silence, ignored my personal pain and rage to successfully put EVERY person mentioned in this apology tweet over time & again in the press, doing pr and on my platforms. Why did I think it would be different? F*ckin Groundhogs Day.”

Jordynne Grace responded to those Tweets asking to message Sandra Toffolini privately but Toffolini added that she’d like to take time to think of herself and her parents first.