Gail Kim Comments on Why She Thinks Impact is Better than WWE, Criticism of Vince McMahon’s Booking and More

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Gail Kim is an Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer that isn’t shy about voicing her opinions about the wrestling business. In a new interview with WSVN-TV Miami, FL Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet, Gail talked about working for Impact and also had some harsh words for WWE, which is a company she used to work for.

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Explaining her tweet that said Vince McMahon has “sh*tty booking”:

“Our business is such a monopoly right now and Vince is the main man, WWE is the main company and they have a lot of money. Even if you don’t work for the company, you either hope to get rehired or you maybe hope for the Hall of Fame. Whatever it is, they have that control over you and for me I experienced the company twice and I know it’s a place that I would never want to return to. It was not a great time both times in my life, not just my career. So if I’m in a position where I’m able to speak up then I’m going to and wrestling fans are very passionate and the majority of them are very supportive but of course you’re going to get the fans that don’t want to hear the bad things. But at the same time, they have to realize that I’m speaking for the people that they’re watching and love.”

She believes Impact has a better product than WWE:

“Right now I believe that Impact Wrestling’s creative is better than WWE and I’m not lying, I truly believe that. It’s not just because I work for them, all I hear from the general fan base is how badly the creative is right now in WWE and how they’re not really enjoying the show and I get the opposite response from people who watch Impact. If you watch both shows and you have an opinion, then that’s your opinion. But if you’re not going to watch one show and then you’ll have an opinion, to me it’s like ok, you have to give them both a chance.”

After being so vocal against WWE, is she okay with not being inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame?

“Oh yeah, you gotta accept that. If you’re going to be vocal, then they’ll hold things against you. To me, I always thought why would they put me in the Hall of Fame? I never did anything within their company. I mean I won the Women’s Championship on my debut night, yes.”

Her thoughts on AEW:

“I think that it’s great that there’s another place for wrestlers to go or for people who are in the wrestling business. I think it’s great that they’re standing for things like equal pay from what I’ve heard and things that maybe we don’t get in other places in the wrestling industry, they’re trying to provide for us.”

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