EC3 Claims His Vision For Control Your Narrative Was “Corrupted” By “Misinformation”

EC3 Control Your Narrative

The founder of Control Your Narrative, EC3, has discussed how his original vision for the promotion was lost because of “misinformation”.

Soon after being released from WWE in 2020, EC3 began releasing videos where he claimed he wanted to “control the narrative”. This planted the seeds for what eventually became the Control Your Narrative promotion.

After two ‘Free Your Narrative’ pay-per-views, the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion launched CYN in 2022 alongside Adam Scherr – better known today as Braun Strowman. They began a series of live shows, but these were cut short when both Strowman and another key star in the promotion, Karrion Kross, returned to WWE. This led to operations being suspended and CYN being “re-evaluated”.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, EC3 discussed how his original vision for CYN got lost, partly due to it becoming a standalone promotion with its own streaming show.

“Control Your Narrative, my idea and presentation through Free The Narrative and what it was going to become got lost, lost in a disarray of misinformation and unnecessary online banter.

“My vision was corrupted and that is because I allowed my vision to be in the hands of other people at times. I too may have been blinded and corrupted by the fact that, with what we had, that maybe something, we could expedite the process.

“I never wanted to be a promotion or the three-letter brand, but then all of a sudden, we kind of were positioned as one due to a streaming television deal and a possibility of live tours and things like that. But it all got lost in the concept and the idea.”

CYN burst back onto the wrestling scene at NWA 74 in August when members of the “cult” helped EC3 attack Thom Latimer.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.