Tony Khan Reveals Why His Job Became Harder Once Triple H Took Control Of WWE

AEW's Tony Khan and WWE's Triple H

Tony Khan knew he was in for a tough time once Triple H took over in WWE.

AEW Owner, President & General Manager Tony Khan believes that now Vince McMahon has retired, All Elite Wrestling and WWE now have something in common.

When speaking with NBC Chicago, Khan explained that Triple H is more in-tune with the independent wrestling scene, something Vince McMahon never seemed to care much about:

“Well, it’s interesting, I do think probably in terms of the two companies having a more similar philosophy about signing talent, I do think our philosophies are probably closer about who we would want to sign. So, for free agency, it could be probably a more competitive market in that sense.”

While Khan believes WWE has improved their product under the Triple H regime, he believes that it’ll do nothing but help improve AEW due to the healthy competition:

“There’s definitely a lot of competition. I don’t think we’re best friends or anything like that, and again people in the wrestling business not liking each other, but competing is probably a good thing.”

While WWE took over the headlines once McMahon departed the company, AEW has been on the tip of the IWC’s preverbal tongue following the backstage altercation between CM Punk, Kenny Omega, Matt, and Nick Jackson.

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(h/t to WrestlingInc. for the transcriptions)