Natalya Had To Change Her Appearance To Avoid Looking Like WWE Legend


Natalya has revealed there was a time WWE asked her to change her appearance so that she didn’t look like a Hall of Famer.

SmackDown veteran Natalya made her WWE debut back in April 2008, initially as a heel in an alliance with Victoria. During the next 14 years, she became a key part of the women’s division and amassed a number of Guiness World Records in the process.

These included having the most WWE of any woman in history, appearing on more pay-per-views than any other female performer, and gaining more victories than any other female star.

Natalya has looked back on an early part of her career in response to a fan posting an old picture on social media,

Referring to the photo, she revealed that in 2008, she had been asked to dye her hair red in order to differentiate herself from WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, who was higher up in the women’s division than Natalya at the time.

“So many things about the picture on the left. I was asked to dye my hair red so I didn’t look like Beth Phoenix. I hated this color of hair on me! I didn’t have much, so I got the outfit at Bebe Sport and glued on a bunch of crystals myself The glowup has been real..sorta”

Natalya was last seen in action on the September 9th edition of SmackDown where she took part in a Fatal-Five-Way Elimination Match to earn a shot at Liv Morgan’s SmackDown Women’s Title.

Unfortunately, the multi-time Women’s Champion was defeated by Ronda Rousey, who will now go on to face Morgan at Extreme Rules.