Anthony Bowens Talks About Potential Of The Acclaimed Facing FTR

The Acclaimed's Anthony Bowens

The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens has picked some top opponents he’d like to face in AEW, with FTR being an easy choice.

At the special Grand Slam edition of Dynamite back in September 2022, The Acclaimed finally dethroned Swerve In Our Glory and became AEW Tag Team Champions. Whilst they hold the company’s top gold, Anthony Bowens and Max Caster seem destined to face FTR, who are also draped in gold on AEW television.

In an interview with Good Karma Wrestling, Anthony Bowens discussed what the match with FTR would mean, considering they are two of the most popular teams on television at the moment.

I think the obvious answer right now is FTR because we’ve been on parallel paths. We’ve kind of come close to each other with the eight-man tag match. You could see there was a little tension in there in that match, and then we kind of went back to our parallel paths. At some point, those paths are gonna have to cross because The Acclaimed are the most popular tag team in pro wrestling, and then if there’s anybody else up there with us, it’s FTR.

Truthfully, they’ve been number one contenders for however long, and they still haven’t got that opportunity. I welcome the opportunity for them to wrestle The Acclaimed. I know the fans do, so they are probably number one on the list.

Bowens also discussed how The Acclaimed are due a rematch with The Young Bucks, who defeated the scissoring duo in the first TV main event, albeit with underhanded tactics.

Number two, we’re gonna have to, some point, get back to the Young Bucks because our very first main event, which was ten matches in, which is probably unheard of, on Dynamite was against the Young Bucks, and they cheated. Superkicked [referee] Rick Knox right in the face, and I think that’s pretty much illegal guys. We need to get that redemption back, and I think we are a completely different team than we were back then, so the dynamic would be different, the energy would be way different, considering there was nobody in the audience, it was in the pandemic. So I think that’s another clash we’d love to revisit.

The Young Bucks returned to AEW television at Full Gear, and are now embroiled in a best-of-seven series alongside Kenny Omega taking on Death Triangle.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.