The John Report: AEW Dynamite (Grand Slam) 09/21/22 Review

aew dynamite sept 21

This week’s AEW Dynamite featured Bryan Danielson facing Jon Moxley to crown the new AEW World Champion, Claudio Castagnoli defending the ROH World Title against Chris Jericho and a whole lot more.

It’s a big episode of Dynamite with five titles on the line and a huge crowd on hand. It could definitely be called the biggest Dynamite episode of the year.

This was AEW Dynamite episode #155 at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens (New York City), New York. Check out the AEW PPV listing archive only on TJRWrestling as well. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means. Excalibur was on commentary with Tony Schiavone and Taz.

Chris Jericho made his entrance with the fans singing along to “Judas” as usual. They had a ramp from the entrance area to the ring. ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni was on hand for the match while the ring announcer was ROH’s Bobby Cruise. The Ring of Honor World Champion Claudio Castagnoli of the Blackpool Combat Club made his entrance alone. They showed ROH Hall of Famer Cary Silkin watching at ringside.

Ring of Honor World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Jericho

Claudio wanted a handshake for the Code of Honor, Jericho initially didn’t want to do it and then Jericho shook the hand. Claudio was aggressive early with repeated uppercuts followed by a press slam where Claudio put Jericho across the top rope so Jericho was crotched on the rope. Claudio hit a running forearm on Jericho on the floor. Jericho hid behind Silkin at ringside, then Jericho punched Claudio and Jericho shoved Silkin down with the fans booing. Jericho worked over Claudio with chops and then went back into the ring. Jericho jumped off the top with nothing as Claudio hit an uppercut. Jericho sent Claudio into the ropes leading to Jericho hitting a two-handed chop to the throat. Claudio was on the apron, Jericho jumped off the middle rope and Claudio knocked him down with another forearm. They battled on the apron with Jericho doing an eye rake. Jericho suplexed Claudio off the apron to the floor so they both took a hard bump to the floor. That led to a picture-in-picture commercial break.


The match returned with Jericho running at Claudio, who got a boot up and knocked Jericho down. Claudio went to the top rope, Jericho came back with chops and when Jericho went for a hurricanrana, Claudio caught Jericho on the top rope. Claudio went for a Powerbomb, but Jericho countered it with a hurricanrana for a two count. Jericho wanted a Codebreaker only for Claudio to counter it into an uppercut for two. Claudio with a double stomp to the chest leading to a Sharpshooter submission. After Jericho got out of it, Claudio hit a Ricola Bomb leading to Jericho kicking him in the head to kick out at two. Claudio with knees to the ribs, then he went for a springboard move and Jericho hit the Codebreaker (double knees) for two since that’s not his finish anymore. Jericho tripped up Claudio for the Walls of Jericho that looked more like a Boston Crab in this instance. Claudio powered out of that and stomped on Jericho’s head a few times. Claudio did the Giant Swing with the fans going crazy for it as they counted along with it as Claudio did about 20 revolutions. Claudio sent Jericho into the corner, which wasn’t a good bump and then Claudio hit a lariat for two. Jericho grabbed Floyd the bat at ringside, Claudio blocked the bat attempt and put it down. The referee got the bat out of the ring, Claudio nearly hit the referee, Jericho hit a low blow kick and Jericho hit a Judas Effect elbow for the pinfall win after 15 minutes.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW ROH World Champion: Chris Jericho

Analysis: **** I thought it was a great match. That spot they did out of the corner with Claudio going for a Powerbomb only for Jericho to hit a hurricanrana was amazing. Jericho is nearly 52 years old, yet there are times when he looks much younger and I’m so impressed by it. Jericho winning in a cheap manner is fitting for him. It feels like I have seen that kind of finish many times in pro wrestling and even in Jericho matches, but it works because it gets heat on the heel. Hopefully Claudio gets an interesting feud in the future because they haven’t booked him in an actual feud yet.

Chris Jericho celebrated the ROH World Title win with the Jericho Appreciation Society group that was on the ramp. Daniel Garcia was a bit reluctant to join due to Jericho cheating, but Garcia was there to celebrate with the group. Jericho held up eight fingers to signify his eighth World Title.

Analysis: Jericho won six World Titles in WWE (the WWE Title, World Title and WCW Title when WWE was booking it), he won the AEW World Title in 2019 and now the ROH World Title. I don’t think the ROH World Title is as coveted as the others, but Jericho will treat it like a big deal. Jericho will say he’s an eight-time World Champion now counting this title, but for a guy like Bryan Danielson, they don’t count his ROH World Title reigns.

There was a video featuring Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley talking about the AEW World Title. Bryan mentioned losing to four people in AEW: “Hangman” Adam Page, Daniel Garcia, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley. Danielson has beaten the first three names, so the next man is Moxley.

The AEW Tag Team Title match was next.


The AEW Tag Team Champions Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland made their entrance with Swerve walking out with rapper Fabolous joining them. Swerve was booed by the crowd.

The Acclaimed got a huge pop from the crowd as Max Caster did a rap trashing the opponents. They had DJ Whoo Kid and “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn. Anthony Bowens was fired up doing the catchphrases: “The Acclaim has arrived. Scissor Me, Daddy Ass.” The fans popped huge for Bowens/Gunn doing the scissor thing.

AEW Tag Team Championships: Swerve In Our Glory (Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland) vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) (w/Billy Gunn)

Bowens and Lee did a spot where Lee ran the ropes leading to a hurricanrana takedown leading to Bowens looking shocked with good reason. Caster tagged in going for an armdrag, Lee powered out of it and Caster managed to hit the armdrag on Lee. Swerve went into the ring illegally to hit both Acclaimed guys with a dropkick to stop them doing the “scissor” thing. There was a picture-in-picture break.


The match returned with Caster hitting a powerslam on Swerve followed by a superkick on Lee, who was legal. Caster hit a suplex on Lee leading to huge cheers from the crowd. Bowens tagged in with clotheslines and a back body drop on illegal man Lee. Bowens superkicked Lee to knock him down. Swerve kicked Bowens followed by a kick to the head. The referee doesn’t care about illegal wrestlers in the ring because it’s AEW. Swerve got the tag, Bowens hit a hurricanrana on Lee and Swerve jumped off the top, but Bowens avoided it. Bowens got a rollup for two and then he sent Swerve into the turnbuckle with a Powerbomb. Lee knocked down Bowens with a headbutt followed by Lee tossing Bowens over the top onto the ramp. Lee hit Caster with a spinebuster leading to boos from the crowd. I’m pretty sure Bowens and Swerve were legal in the match, but neither guy was in the ring and the referee wasn’t counting. Lee went for a moonsault off the middle rope, Caster moved and Lee hit the mat. Swerve tried hitting Caster with the boombox, Caster ducked and Swerve hit Lee by accident. Bowens with a Blockbuster neckbreaker on Lee. Caster jumped off the top with an elbow drop I think, but he missed Lee and was grabbing his knee. That was weird. Bowens covered Lee for two even though Swerve was legal, but the inept referee Rick Knox doesn’t really care about that. Caster and Swerve got tags leading to Caster hitting a belly-to-back suplex. Caster was favoring the injured left leg as he went up top. Swerve tried a move off the ropes, then Swerve did a bounce and it looked brutal because it wasn’t timed perfectly. Lee launched Caster in the air leading to Swerve hitting a Powerbomb for a two count on Caster. Swerve took out both guys on the floor. Gunn got in Swerve’s face and the referee was looking at Lee for some reason even though he wasn’t legal. Gunn hit a Fameasser on Swerve on the floor that the referee didn’t see. Bowens hit the Arrival slam and Caster jumped off the top with the Mic Drop for the pinfall win on Swerve. Lee was too slow to make the save. That match went 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall AND NEW AEW Tag Team Champions: The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens)

Analysis: ***1/4 This was pretty good although I wouldn’t say it was close to being as good as their match at All Out. That match was more dramatic with a lot more nearfalls. This one was still fine. I think the terrible refereeing by Rick Knox hurts the match, but I know some fans just ignore that and try to enjoy the spots. It’s just weird how people randomly go into the ring to do moves without attempting to try to follow basic tag rules. The Team of Lee & Swerve were never going to have a super long title reign, but they did fine as the champions. I think The Acclaimed winning was absolutely the right call, so I’m happy for them.

The Acclaimed celebrated with the titles and with Daddy Ass, Billy Gunn. They did the “scissor” thing to celebrate. The fans were happy.

The FTR duo of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were interviewed by Lexi Nair. Cash congratulated the new champions and wanted a tag team match saying they have been number one contenders since April. It’s been over five months. Gunn Club’s Colten & Austin Gunn interrupted the interrupted and laughed at FTR for barely being on the show. They ended it with “top guys out” to mock FTR.

Analysis: That should set up a tag team match. FTR not getting a Tag Team Title match for such a long time is ridiculous, but that’s AEW booking. It’s so random at times.


MJF Interrupts Wheeler Yuta

Tony Schiavone was on the stage to try to interview Wheeler Yuta, but Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s music hit as MJF walked out wearing dress clothes along with the scarf. MJF said that “The Devil has arrived” and the fans cheered him, so he called them “devil worshippers.” MJF ripped on Tony for being a “fat, old prick.” MJF ripped on Yuta for never getting a reaction like MJF just got and MJF said that people in the arena would drink his spit or let him sleep with their wives, but MJF said he has standards. MJF said he’s a generational talent. Yuta told MJF he’s a generational talent, he’s got more catchphrases than friends and Yuta mentioned low-hanging fruit while talking about how MJF got engaged. Yuta said that MJF’s fiancée is a wonderful young lady that’s smart and maybe too smart because she might find out that MJF is a piece of worthless, human garbage. Yuta said she’ll walk out on MJF like he walked out on the company. MJF said he was there to wish the Blackpool Cuckold Club in the main event. MJF said that Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley are fighting to lose the AEW World Title to MJF. That led to MJF mocking Bryan Danielson for being injury prone and get his brain scrambled. MJF mocked Jon Moxley as well saying he’s not all there. MJF said that you can go to William Regal to ask him how to pop pills. Yuta shoved MJF, then MJF headbutted Yuta and MJF shoved Tony Schiavone down. When MJF turned around, W. Morrissey held onto Yuta and MJF punched Yuta with the Dynamite Diamond Ring on his hand. Security ran out there, so MJF and Morrissey went to the back.

Analysis: The reaction for MJF was massive and while he did embrace it at the start of it, he also was very heelish throughout the promo. Yuta trashed MJF for being a jerk, which is an easy thing for a babyface to do and MJF fired back with heelish comments about Danielson, Moxley and especially Regal. Pushing over Tony Schiavone felt like a bit much, but I get why MJF did it to get more heat. This should probably lead to a match with MJF beating Yuta soon.

Jade Cargill and The Baddies were interviewed by Tony Schiavone earlier in the day. Diamante walked up to the interview saying that her friend is Trina, who was there. Jade Cargill said she’ll them Friday on Rampage and Jade left. I yawned.

Orange Cassidy made his entrance for the third title match on the show. Pac was next as the AEW All-Atlantic Champion. Pac is also a Trios Champion in AEW with the Death Triangle group.

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Pac vs. Orange Cassidy

Orange got a rollup for two and an inside cradle for two. Pac bailed to the floor to avoid the Orange Punch. Orange kicked Pac, then Pac hit a dropkick and Pac put his foot across Orange’s throat. Tony Schiavone was back on commentary after what happened with MJF. Pac got a hold of Orange and tossed him into the ring post. Pac hit a twisting dive over the top onto Orange on the floor. Pac landed hard on his right hip, but he appeared to be fine. Pac went up top and hit a shotgun missile dropkick for two. They went to a picture-in-picture break.


Pac wanted to do a move off the top, but Orange rolled out of the way, so Pac hit him with a German Suplex. Pac went up top, Orange put his feet up in the air with Taz calling it “innovative” for a comedy move and then Orange managed to get a pin attempt for two. Orange countered a Pac move leading to a Stundog Millionaire. Orange hit a suicide dive on the floor. Back in the ring, Orange jumped off the top with a diving DDT. Orange hit a Tornado DDT for a two count. Orange went for the Orange Punch, Pac caught him and hit a suplex. Orange countered a Brutalizer attempt and Orange turned it over to cover for a two count. Orange hit the Orange Punch for two because Pac got his left hand on the bottom rope for a two count. They did a spot on the floor where Orange left the ring with Pac, they went over to the table at ringside, Pac hit Orange with a hammer (that is used to ring the bell) that the referee didn’t see. Pac put Orange back into the ring and covered for the win. It went about 11 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Pac

Analysis: *** A flat finish to a good match. When Orange was on offense the crowd really came alive and wanted him to win, but I’m glad the champion retained here. Even though Pac is a babyface when he’s with the Death Triangle, that was a heelish finish. That makes me think they’ll do it again in the future and maybe Orange will win the title the next time do it. The All-Atlantic title isn’t that big of a deal, but Orange is over enough where I can see AEW wanting to put a title on him at some point.

After the match, the referee Bryce Remsburg was wondering what Pac did to knock him out and Pac claimed it was just an elbow.

The Interim AEW Women’s Title match was next.


The introductions took place for the Interim ROH Women’s Title match with Britt Baker joined by Rebel. Serena Deeb was up next. Athena was next even though she lost a TBS Title match recently, but in AEW there are always more titles to contend for. Toni Storm was last as the Interim AEW Women’s World Champion to a decent reaction.

Interim ROH Women’s Championship: Toni Storm vs. Serena Deeb vs. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (w/Rebel) vs. Athena

The first fall wins the match. Storm and Athena cleared the ring of the two opponents so that they could get some nearfalls on eachother. Deeb tripped up both women, then Flipped them over and sat on top for two. Deeb applied a leg submission on Storm and an abdominal stretch on Athena. Taz put over the refs in AEW, which is almost comical, but that’s what AEW commentary does. Baker got back into it with a forearm on Deeb and Baker hit a Slingblade neckbreaker. Baker loves staring into the hard camera more than anybody in AEW, even during matches. Storm hit a running dropkick followed by a suplex. Storm went up top, Deeb went after here there and that led to the Tower of Doom spot out of the corner with a double superplex on Storm while Athena did the Powerbomb part of it. That’s a popular spot in these kinds of matches.


Deeb and Storm were applying half crab submissions on the two other women, then Deeb/Storm slapped eachother and that led to the submissions ending. Storm hit Deeb with a stiff German Suplex followed by Storm hitting a hip attack on Athena. Baker hit a neckbreaker on Storm, Athena back up with a dropkick and Deeb clotheslined Athena. Deeb got a hold of Baker on the apron leading to a neckbreaker. Deeb wrenched Athena’s leg against the rope. Deeb hit a swinging neckbreaker on Storm for a two count. Serena went for the Serenity Lock on Storm’s left knee. Baker kicked Deeb to break that up. Athena picked up Baker, Storm jumped onto Athena and that led to Athena hitting a double slam, but Athena’s back landed right on Baker’s face. Ouch. That looked rough. Athena did an impressive slingshot off the ropes leading to double knees to the back for a two count because Deeb broke up the pin. Athena tossed Deeb out of the ring. Baker was bleeding from the nose. Storm with a DDT on Athena, Baker with a kick to Storm’s shin and a pin attempt. Storm countered Baker into a crucifix pin for the win. The match got about ten minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Toni Storm

Analysis: *** It was a solid championship match. There wasn’t enough drama with the nearfalls. That spot that Athena did where she slammed two women at the same time looked impressive, but it was also a bad idea because she crushed Baker’s nose leading to a possible broken nose for Baker. Storm keeping the title was the obvious result since she won it recently, so it would have been foolish to take the title off her already.

Post match, Britt Baker attacked Storm from behind with a forearm to the back. Baker was a bloody mess, so she stared right into the camera again. Jamie Hayter went down to the ring to grab Baker and then Hayter attacked Storm with Baker, so the fans booed that. Deeb also beat up Athena at the same time as Baker and Hayter were attacking Storm. Baker hit the Stomp on Athena as well.

While the heels were standing in the ring, some music played and it said Saraya on the screen. It’s the former Paige from WWE, who made her entrance to a huge pop. The fans were cheering loudly for Saraya while the heels bailed to the floor and they were shocked to see her. Saraya told the ladies at ringside: “This is my house.” That’s her catchphrase as we know. The babyfaces Storm and Moon celebrated with Saraya in the ring.

Analysis: I’m thrilled for Saraya, who I assume is going to be wrestling in AEW. Saraya has been through a lot in her career in terms of injuries to her neck causing her to step out of the ring for several years, so I’m hoping she can stay healthy and be a contributor to this women’s division. The reaction for Saraya was massive just like most ex-WWE people that are considered big stars. She’s an all-around great talent, so she’ll be a boost to this women’s division. That doesn’t mean the storylines will get better because it’s AEW, but I think her presence will help.

An excitable Tony Khan also welcomed Saraya to AEW with this tweet.

A video aired about Darby Allin to promote his tag team match with Sting against House of Black on Rampage. They showed Darby riding a subway with something in a body bag, then he put it in a taxi and said he’s heading to a funeral at Arthur Ashe.

Here’s the Rampage lineup for Friday:

* No Disqualification Match: Sting and Darby Allin vs. House of Black (Buddy Matthews and Brody King).

* Golden Ticket Battle Royale – Battle royal for a future AEW World Championship match.

* AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Diamanté.

* Action Bronson and Hook vs. Jericho Appreciation Society (Matt Menard and Angelo Parker).

* Rey Fenix vs. Jungle Boy.

* Eddie Kingston vs. Sammy Guevara.

* Wardlow and Samoa Joe vs. Tony Nese and Josh Woods (with “Smart” Mark Sterling).

* Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks.

The AEW World Title match was up next.


It was main event time with Jon Moxley making his entrance first wearing a Blackpool Combat Club sweater. Moxley entered by walking in through the crowd as usual. Bryan Danielson made his entrance wearing some red/black trunks and he was cheered just like Moxley was. William Regal was on commentary to support both Blackpool Combat Club members. Bryan’s AEW record is 23-4-2 as Justin Roberts did the championship introductions. Jon Moxley’s record is 58-5-1 with Mox looking very serious as usual. They showed MJF in a private box holding the poker chip to get him an AEW World Title match.

For The Vacant AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson

They exchanged chops, and Bryan got a trip followed by forearms to the head and back. Moxley applied a key lock submission on Bryan’s arm while MJF was shown watching the match. Moxley and Bryan exchanged chops again leading to Bryan getting in some kicks while against the turnbuckle as well. Bryan hit a running dropkick in the corner along with three hard slaps to the face. Bryan with chops, then Mox was fired up and worked over Bryan with forearms in the corner. Bryan hit a running corner dropkick. Moxley with more stiff chops, then kicks to the chest and even more chops. Bryan with a running knee to the ribs, a kick to the back and more kicks to the back. Tony didn’t like when they showed MJF watch the match. Bryan charged again, Moxley moved and Bryan hit the turnbuckle hard. Moxley stomped on Bryan’s chest. Moxley with a body slam. Bryan sent Moxley into the turnbuckle, then Bryan unleashed with more hard chops to the chest. Moxley was seated on the top rope, so Bryan kicked him off the apron to the floor. Bryan hit a diving knee strike off the apron onto Moxley on the floor. Back in the ring, Bryan hit a shotgun missile dropkick. Moxley was on the apron, he choked Bryan and pulled him over the top to the apron. Bryan hit a German Suplex on the apron with Moxley going to the floor. That led to a picture-in-picture break.


Moxley was in control of Bryan with an ankle lock submission because Bryan hurt his knee. Moxley captured the leg and gave Bryan a suplex across the ring. After Bryan got back up, Moxley hit a running clothesline in the corner. Moxley did some back scratching after setting up Bryan on the turnbuckle. Moxley with some headbutts (really just hitting his own hand) and Moxley wanted a superplex, but Bryan slipped out of it leading to Bryan crotching Moxley onto the top rope. Bryan gave Moxley a belly-to-back superplex off the top while MJF was shown smiling/clapping as he watched. Bryan got a pin attempt, but Moxley came back with his own version of the LeBell Lock. They did a spot where they hooked their legs up, then they were upside down and the fans were cheering it. I like both guys, but it looked ridiculous to me. Bryan wanted the Cattle Mutilation submission, Moxley got out of it and Bryan delivered elbow smashes onto the shoulder. Moxley got back up, Bryan with a hard kick to the head, but Moxley managed to come back with a king kong lariat while MJF was shown laughing at them. Bryan with a back body drop to counter a move, Bryan was in the corner and hit a Busaiko Knee for one…two…and no. Good nearfall there. It’s a move Bryan has won with many times before. Moxley kicked Bryan’s left ankle, then he did the Stomp like one of his former Shield buddies and Moxley hit the Death Rider suplex/slam for one…two…and no! Just a two count. Regal talked about how he would kick the Achilles/ankle like Moxley did too. Bryan captured the wrists leading to repeated stomps to the jaw. It looked like Bryan wanted a submission, but Moxley kicked him in the head repeatedly. This director kept shooting wide angle shots instead of showing the damn match. Anyway, Bryan finally was able to capture Moxley in the LeBell Lock while hooking on the left arm, but Moxley turned and got his right foot on the bottom rope. Bryan went up top, Moxley was on the ramp and Bryan hit a knee drop on the arm. Moxley hit the Death Rider on the stage, Bryan’s momentum put him back into the ring and Moxley covered for just two! What a great nearfall there. Moxley applied the sleeper hold, but Bryan broke the grip and countered off the turnbuckle. Moxley managed to apply the Bully Choke submission with Moxley completely on Bryan’s back and Bryan was out, so Moxley won. It went about 18 minutes.

Winner by submission AND NEW AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

Analysis: ****1/4 I thought it was an excellent match. I’ll admit that it wasn’t the result that I wanted because I feel like Bryan Danielson should have an AEW World Title run, but it’s back to Moxley for the third time in his AEW career. The story was good with Bryan selling the left knee injury in the second part of the match. I liked how Moxley targeted the knee a few times. They got some great nearfalls towards the finish with Danielson kicking out of the Death Rider twice (including after Moxley did it on the ramp) and then Moxley kicked out of the Busaiko Knee while also getting out of a LeBell Lock submission attempt. Moxley had to wear down Bryan with a sleeper where Moxley put all of his body weight on Bryan’s back and that was enough to make Bryan pass out to give Moxley the win. Both guys have had better matches in AEW, but it was still a great wrestling match. The worst part of the match is the director kept showing wide shots while the guys in the ring were doing moves. I’m sure AEW was proud of the size of the crowd, but do you really need so many wide shots during the match? That was dumb. I still enjoyed the match a lot.

After the match, MJF was shown smirking towards the ring. William Regal went into the ring to raise Moxley’s hand. Moxley is now a three-time AEW World Champion. Danielson took the title from Regal and pointed at him with Danielson wanting to put the title on Moxley himself. They ended the show right there.

Note: On the Fite TV version of the show, it showed Danielson putting the AEW World Title on Moxley’s waist out of respect since Moxley beat Danielson clean and they are friends.

Analysis: It would have been nice if they had more time to show what was going to happen there. I assume it would just be Bryan presenting Moxley with the title because Moxley won a fair fight. Why didn’t Bryan win? It’s not up to me, but I figured going in that since MJF did promos about Moxley most of the time, that’s likely the direction they were going in. I would have preferred a Danielson win although I certainly have no problem with Moxley.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Jon Moxley/Bryan Danielson
  2. Chris Jericho/The Acclaimed
  3. Saraya

The Scoreboard

This Week: 8.5 out of 10

Last Week: 7.75

Final Thoughts

I thought it was a great show overall as expected with the lineup they had going in with five title matches. While I wanted Bryan Danielson to leave as AEW World Champion, I’m certainly fine with Jon Moxley winning. Since MJF mentioned Moxley in promos in the last few weeks, I think they gave away what the result was going to be. It was still a terrific championship match that could have gone either way.

The opener with Chris Jericho beating Claudio Castagnoli using an undetected low blow before the Judas Effect elbow was a clever way to put the ROH World Title on Jericho. That match was also very good, but a notch below the main event. I’m happy for The Acclaimed winning the Tag Team Titles as well. It was chaotic and sloppy like some AEW tag team matches are, but the result was the right one because Swerve/Lee should have lost. That match wasn’t as good as their All Out match.

It was cool to see Saraya (former Paige in WWE) make her AEW debut after being out of the ring for several years now due to a major neck injury. The fans gave her a huge pop to welcome her to AEW, which made me happy because she’s been through a lot. I hope we get to see her in the ring soon. She’ll bring a lot to the AEW women’s division even though the booking of women’s matches is generally poor in this company.

I enjoyed the show and you can tell the NYC crowd loved it too.

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