WWE References Sasha Banks For The First Time Since Smackdown Walkout

Sasha Banks

Saturday’s Extreme Rules was a huge success for WWE.

This is especially true with the monstrous reaction that was received from the crowd after Bray Wyatt was revealed to finally be making his much-anticipated return since being released from the company over a year ago.

However, Bray Wyatt wasn’t the only former WWE Champion who was brought up for the first time in months during Extreme Rules.

With the WWE Raw Women’s Championship match next on the schedule between Bianca Belair and Bayley, the latter was making her entrance to the ring.

During so, Michael Cole mentioned Sasha Banks by her name, which would be the first time she was name-dropped since her Smackdown walkout in May.

Cole talked about the NXT history of “The Role Model,” bringing up the Ironwoman match that took place between her and Banks in the black and gold, and that’s when Cole would say Sasha Banks by her name for the first time since the walkout incident.

With Sasha Banks, real name Mercedes Kaestner Varnado, there have been numerous conflicting reports regarding her career. The rumors around the wrestling community is that she is set to eventually return to WWE TV, but her own actions are saying something different.

Recently, Banks removed anything to do with WWE off of her social media accounts, and on both her Twitter and Instagram, she has changed her handle to her real name. From the looks of it, Banks is pushing for a modeling career and other opportunities outside of the squared circle.

However, with WWE mentioning her ‘Sasha Banks’ character by name for the first time in five months, on a Premium Live Event nonetheless, could be a signal that “The Boss” is ready to make her also highly-anticipated return.

Also walking out with Sasha Banks was her fellow WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Naomi, and just like “The Boss,” it doesn’t appear that she’s ready for a return anytime soon, despite rumors that she could become a part of The Bloodline faction and her husband Jimmy Uso still being under contract with WWE.