WWE Hall Of Famer Says CM Punk’s Media Scrum Comments Were “Entertaining As F**k”

CM Punk Tony Khan

According to a certain WWE Hall of Famer, CM Punk’s rant during the AEW All Out presser was quite entertaining.

WWE Hall of Famer, ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page has a bit of a different perspective on the CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and Young Bucks situation that occurred during the aftermath of AEW’s All Out pay-per-view.

When speaking on his ‘DDT Snake Pit‘ podcast, DDP claims that while fans and media are in uproar about the brawl, he believes it was ‘entertaining as f***’:

“I think guys saying sh*t and going into business for themselves. I mean, sh*t. I mean, that’s part of the business. It does happen, you don’t see it happening in WWE that often you know, I don’t remember the last time I saw it. But I did see it, we saw it in WCW. I guess. Last week’s press conference, I got to [say] Punk was entertaining as f*ck to me, you know.

I mean, it was like, it was entertaining to watch. And he was just, he’s a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and says what he feels and you know, that’s really worked for him in the past, I don’t know well it is going to work for him moving forward.”

In case you missed it, CM Punk went on a verbal tirade during the AEW All Out post-show media scrum and would take aim at Kenny Omega, Matt, and Nick Jackson as well as other AEW stars. Following Punk’s remarks, he would engage in a backstage brawl with the aforementioned members of The Elite. After all of the participating members were suspended and subsequently stripped of their respective titles, it was recently reported that the suspended stars could miss a lengthy period of time. More information on the latest status of Punk and The Elite can be found by clicking here.

DDP has made a handful of appearances in All Elite Wrestling, including his final match, where he, Dustin Rhodes, and QT Marshall lost to MJF, The Butcher, and The Blade in trios action.