Trashed Hotel Room Led To Scott Hall Beating Up Former WWE Star

Razor Ramon Scott Hall taunts as WWF Intercontinental Champion on WWF Wrestling Challenge 1994

The late Scott Hall had such a personality that he was often involved in numerous hilarious backstage stories – but this one didn’t end too well for one ex-WWE Superstar!

Scott Hall tragically passed away on 14 March, leaving behind him an illustrious career. From the incredible formation of The nWo at WCW Bash At The Beach 1996 to the first televised Ladder Match in WWE history at WrestleMania X, ‘The Bad Guy’ never backed away from the spotlight.

His personal life was no secret either and, as Kevin Nash detailed on the latest Kliq This podcast, there’s a lifetime of stories left to unravel. One such example surrounded a trashed hotel room and former WWE star Marty Jannetty:

“One of my favorite stories is Marty Jannetty trashed a hotel room and somehow Scott got blamed. And he got called and they deducted money out of his check and he gets sent home. He got to the building and Marty was asleep on a training table. I guess, Scott just…I mean…beat the dog sh*t out of him. That was what Scott would always say. ‘I might not be the toughest guy but sooner or later I will get you when you’re asleep’.”

Speaking with Highspots, Marty Jannetty has also previously discussed his side of the story:

“[Dave Peterson] said, ‘Scott [Hall] has just come in and started pounding you while you were sleeping. At that point, I got so upset about it. I’m sitting there thinking, ‘So he just beat me up while I was asleep…’ [Scott] was big, man, 6’5″, and boy, he was jacked back then, man. He was like 280, so a big old boy, especially to my little 5’11″ butt!”

Scott Hall and Marty Jannetty only ever wrestled each other once, doing so in December 2004 for the Fusion Wrestling organisation. Hall would win the bout.

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