Report: Former Women’s Champion Melina Returning to WWE Soon

A familiar face is coming back to WWE. Former WWE Women’s Champion Melina is going to return to WWE according to a report from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson. There’s no word on how long of a deal it is, but it’s most likely a full-time deal for at least a few years.

Melina (full name is Melina Perez) is a former five-time Women’s Chapmion in WWE (three times with the Women’s Title, two times with the retired Divas Title) that worked for WWE as a manager/wrestler from 2004 until being released in 2011. The report from PWInsider noted that multiple sources confirmed to them that Melina will be returning to WWE programming within the next week.

I can confirm from a very reliable source that it’s definitely true. I don’t know if it’s Raw or Smackdown or when it will happen, but she has signed. I also know that she definitely didn’t want the signing to get out before she appeared on television, but that’s the wrestling business. Stuff gets leaked whether WWE wants it leaked or not.

Melina most recently appeared as a regular with the NWA promotion on their NWA Powerr shows and she is still very skilled in the ring. She was also wrestling in independents all around the world as well. There were also times when she was out of the business. Now she is back and looking to be a force in WWE again.

At 41 years of age, she will be one of the oldest women on the roster along with others like Tamina, Mickie James and Shayna Baszler, but WWE has a lot of male wrestlers in their mid to late 40s as well. Whether heel or face, she has a lot of experience that will make other women around her better.

Melina last appeared on WWE Raw last July on a Raw Reunion episode. Here’s an interview from after that show.

Here’s a clip of Melina on NWA Powerr as well.

TJR Thoughts: I’m very happy for her. I’m not really worried about the age because she can still go and be a valuable performer in the ring, on the microphone and in backstage segments. I know her a bit. I don’t think I’ve met a nicer person in wrestling. I know that there were times in her career where she had a reputation that led to people complaining about her, but I think for the most she was genuinely well liked. I also know that her father recently passed away and she was especially close with him, so that hit her hard, but going back to WWE is going to make her very happy. I’m looking forward to seeing her in WWE again. If I had to guess, it’ll be Raw, but I don’t know for sure.