Update On Natalya Following Nose Dislocation Operation

natalya wwe promo

Natalya will be out of action following surgery to fix a dislocated nose and an update has been provided on how long she will be out of action.

During her WWE career, Natalya has been known for having the most wins of any woman in company history. Since she started on WWE’s main roster in 2008, Natalya has been one of the most durable and reliable women’s wrestlers in the history of the company.

Natalya won her first championship in 2010 as the Divas Champion, then she won the Smackdown Women’s Title in 2017 and she was a Women’s Tag Team Champion with Tamina in 2021.

On November 7th, Natalya underwent surgery to replace a dislocated nose. She posted a graphic photo on Twitter to show she was doing okay while writing this caption:

“We moved my dislocated nose back to the center of my face where it belongs!! I love the shape of my nose and it will stay the same, thank goodness! Can finally breathe again🙏 Pain is beauty! LFG! 😂”

In an update on Natalya’s status, Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (available via subscription) that she will be out for a minimum of three months while noting it could be longer because they have to wait for it to fully heal. It’s also possible it could be under three months if it heals faster.

Shayna Baszler faced Natalya in a match on the November 4th episode of Smackdown in a matchup between two former tag team partners. Baszler won the match with the Kirifuda Clutch submission. After the match, Baszler delivered a running knee to Natalya’s face. After the camera cut away to show Baszler celebrating with her friend Ronda Rousey, Natalya had blood around her nose.

Following Natalya’s surgery to fix the injured nose, it was reported by Post Wrestling that Baszler’s knee strike on Smackdown was just used as a way to cover for the surgery.

That November 4th episode of Smackdown was taped one week earlier in St. Louis on October 28. To show just how tough Natalya is, she still worked the weeklong European tour. That tour also saw Natalya have her head busted open during a match. Since it was a dislocated nose and not a broken nose, Natalya was able to keep working.

We wish Natalya all the best during her recovery from this nose dislocation operation.