“Legal Threats” Among CM Punk-Elite Backstage Incident

Ace Steel confronts CM Punk on AEW Dynamite 2022

Further details have emerged from the alleged backstage incident involving CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks following AEW All Out 2022.

News of a backstage brawl involving CM Punk and The Elite stemmed following the All Out media scrum. Fightful Select has been reporting extensively on what, exactly, went down, with The Elite’s side of the story now coming through.

Most notably, it’s stated that CM Punk started swinging for the Bucks before either Matt Jackson could say a word. That’s when Nick came to his brother’s aid, only to have a steel chair thrown at his head by Ace Steel. Kenny Omega, meanwhile, attempted to get Steel off of Nick, which is where he was bitten and had his hair pulled by Ace.

Omega’s first protocol, however, was allegedly removing CM Punk’s dog Larry from the scene. This is perhaps what led many to believe and/or assume it was Larry who bit the now-former World Trios Champion, only to learn it was allegedly Ace Steel who did so.

While both parties continued shouting at each other, it’s alleged that “legal threats” were thrown from Punk’s side. There are no current reports to suggest any such measures will be taken, either against The Elite or AEW as a whole.

This, clearly, paints a far different picture than that of CM Punk and Ace Steel’s tale of events. The former Second City Saints have alleged a far more aggressive nature from The Elite, with claims of them “kicking the door down”. It’s said that Ace Steel’s wife was in the room at the time, which is supposedly what caused him to become overzealous.

As it stands, those involved have all been suspended from AEW, with CM Punk and The Elite also being stripped of the World and World Trios Championships, respectively. Punk will reportedly be taking this time to undergo surgery for an injury sustained during his All Out main event vs. Jon Moxley.