Kurt Angle Criticizes Jerry Lawler Asking Fans To Show Their Breasts During Attitude Era

Kurt Angle

During a 2000 episode of WWE SmackDown, Jerry “The King” Lawler would ask female fans to show their “puppies,” better known as breasts, with countless fans complying and Kurt Angle recently spoke up about it.

However, even though it sounds like everybody was having a good time, that wasn’t the case.

Just ask Kurt Angle, who said it was the wrong decision of the Hall of Fame puppy master.

While doing a review on the 2000 Unforgiven pay-per-view on his The Kurt Angle Show podcast, Angle would talk about his match against Triple H, but it’s a side comment from Angle that has people talking.

Speaking about the days of the Attitude Era’s Raw and SmackDown, Angle exposed how loads of women in attendance were showing their breasts, and as a result, the audience would lose interest in the show.

Weeks before Angle’s match against Triple H at Unforgiven, he would square off against Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown. During a commercial break, Lawler told female fans to quickly show their breasts while the cameras were off, and well, they did. However, Angle wasn’t happy with the decision from The King.

“It was the worst idea in the world for Jerry Lawler to have fans show their puppies. Whether it’s during the show or during commercial break, that’s when the fans don’t get involved in the match anymore.”

“They’re more interested in seeing naked women in the crowd, and I don’t blame them for that [laughs]. The thing is, it’s something that we tried, it was the wrong thing and we didn’t do it anymore after that.”

The contest between Angle and Guerrero was also the main event of that episode of SmackDown, which would see the Olympic gold medalist as the victor.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.