Kenny Omega Comments On AEW Wrestlers That Impress Him

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has praised several members of the AEW roster for their “incredible talent.”

At the post-WrestleDream media scrum, the Best Bout Machine was asked to name a young star that people should keep their eye on.

Omega was quick to name Swerve Strickland as someone to watch and said he had already told the Mogul Embassy leader he wanted to work with him in the future.

“Swerve’s name is the first name in a long list of incredible talented performers that we have backstage. I’ve always been a huge Swerve fan. I remember making a point, after many of his performances to kind of tap him on the shoulder like ‘Dude what you did out there was really incredible tonight. I don’t know if you need to hear from me, probably not. Feel free to not pay any attention to me. But if it does mean anything, I think you’re great and I really hope we can do something at some point down the line in the future.’

“And again, real humble dude. Always willing to do what’s right. He’s got a great attitude. And clearly, if you saw his performance today and you’ve seen his performances lately, he’s a guy that works very, very hard. You’ll never feel like you’ve been slighted or you’ve never got your money’s worth.

Besides Swerve, Omega says that there are a “slew of talents” who the company can count on.

“There are a slew of talents who understand the business and will always do what’s asked of them. No questions asked. There are guys like Butcher, Blade, Kip Sabian, who show up every single week and they’re doing the right thing. When they have their entrance, when they come out I see like, ‘These guys look like wrestlers, these guys look like ass-kickers,’ and maybe they won’t win, maybe they won’t. But they understand how the business works, how it operates and they’re always the guys that we can count on. We have an incredible roster of people who we can count on.”

He went on to speak about the women’s division, singling out Julia Hart as someone who has come into her own in recent months.

“As a huge fan of women’s wrestling, of course, anytime the women can show out I’m super happy for it. Recently we’ve seen Julia come on her own. She looks incredible She’s performing incredibly well, feeling more comfortable in her own skin.

“The character work has been impeccable. Looks more comfortable in the ring too. When I see things like that it just brings a smile to my face.”

Omega finished by praising the entire roster, saying any one of them could steal the show.

“I’d love to see more people like that get more time and be able to show what they can do. Because the roster we’ve assembled, every single one of them if given the opportunity can steal the show.”

Kenny Omega says it’s “a safe bet” Kota Ibushi will return to AEW

Although Kota Ibushi isn’t a full-time member of the AEW roster, he has made several appearances in the company lately to help Omega and Chris Jericho in their feud with the Don Callis Family.

At WrestleDream, the trio came up short against Konosuke Takeshita, Will Ospreay, and Sammy Guevara. Despite this setback, Omega says it won’t be the last time we see Kota Ibushi in AEW.

“I believe it’s definitely a safe bet to say he’ll be back.”

H/T to SEScoops for the above transcription.