Swerve Strickland – “I’m Still Looking For Keith Lee”

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Swerve Strickland has addressed the possibility of having a match with former tag team partner Keith Lee.

In the main event of Dynamite this past Wednesday, Swerve Strickland had a contract signing with “Hangman” Adam Page for their WrestleDream PPV match. It seemed strange that a regular singles match would need a contract signing segment, but it was essentially a way to have both guys deliver promos that built up their match.

While Swerve is thriving in AEW in one of the biggest matches at WrestleDream and the leader of the Mogul Embassy group, his former tag team partner Keith Lee is barely on television.

The team of Swerve and Lee had a 70-day reign as AEW Tag Team Champions when they were known as Swerve In Our Glory. That title reign started in July 2022 until September of that year. Eventually, they broke up and as most tag teams do, one guy turned on the other with Swerve turning on Lee. However, there was no blowoff match between them.

Swerve Strickland said he’s still looking for Keith Lee

During an appearance on the Battle & Eli on Battleground podcast, Swerve Strickland made it clear he was looking for Keith Lee and said he’s not the one who books the matches.

“I’m still looking for Keith Lee, where has he been? I’ll settle any score, anywhere, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“It’s almost like those fighters in a boxing fight. Make the fight. I’m not the booker. I’m not the guy controlling the money on this whole thing. Set the fight up, I’ll be there. I might lose the weigh-in, but I’ll be there for the fight.”

The last time Keith Lee wrestled on AEW television was August 23 on Collision when he beat Zicky Dice. Clearly, Swerve is seen as much more of a priority than Lee is based on how AEW management is using the two men.

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