Kenny Omega Addresses Kota Ibushi’s Future In AEW

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Kenny Omega has discussed the future of Kota Ibushi in AEW following their exciting tag team match at WrestleDream.

One of the big matches at AEW WrestleDream on Sunday night in Seattle was a six-man tag team match that saw the Don Callis Family trio of Will Ospreay, Konosuke Takeshita & Sammy Guevara defeat Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho & Kota Ibushi.

The match ended when the referee was distracted and Don Callis went into the ring to hit Jericho with his own baseball bat. Jericho went down, so Guevara made the cover to get the cheap win for his team.

For Omega and Ibushi, teaming up is not a new thing since they have wrestled together for many years as the Golden Lovers tag team. Jericho and Omega have been rivals for most of the last five years, but have become allies of late due to Jericho recently turning babyface.

Kenny Omega believes Kota Ibushi will be in AEW again

Kota Ibushi spent the majority of his career in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but he’s a free agent now. At the AEW post-show media scrum, Kenny Omega was asked about Kota Ibushi’s future in the company.

“I believe it’s definitely a safe bet to say he’ll be back. Ibushi and I, we’ve really gone through the ringer. We’ve been tossed into the meat grinder. Part of the reason I was motivated to go to DDT in the first place was because of Kota Ibushi. I really felt attracted to his style and outlook on professional wrestling.”

“We’ve done everything we could to leave it all out there. We’ve broken ourselves over and over again, just to build ourselves back up to break each other down again. I really feel like when there is no else around us and our pursuit of our own personal best, we are each other’s shoulders to cry on. It really means a lot, now, after all this time apart, in our current old man broken states, to be there and support each other. Still train together for these matches and still go in front of a packed house and with people like Chris and make magic.”

Omega spoke more about his friendship with Ibushi.

“We’re making up for a lot of lost time. The friendship and personal relationship will never die. To be in a professional environment with him again is just great. I love being able to travel and train with him again. It’s wonderful. I think it’s safe to say he’ll be back.”

AEW’s CEO & GM Tony Khan was sitting beside Omega as he said it and simply said “yes” so that is more assurance that there will be more Ibushi in AEW moving forward.

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