Cody Rhodes Admits He Hates Beloved WWE Star

Cody Rhodes WWE Promo Championship

Cody Rhodes says one former rival is on borrowed time.

While Cody Rhodes is now the top star in all of WWE following his victory over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, there was a time when The American Nightmare was at the bottom of the pile. By the end of his first run in the company in 2016, Rhodes was wrestling in facepaint as Stardust and losing almost all of his matches.

One man he faced a lot during that time was a man still loved in the company today, R-Truth. While Rhodes got a few victories over the star, more often than not he was left lying on the mat. Despite his recent success, it seems Rhodes still hasn’t let those days go.

Speaking on Cheap Heat, the Undisputed WWE Champion claimed he might dislike R-Truth more than anyone else in wrestling, even though he also admitted Truth is an “unbelievably great human.”

“I might dislike R-Truth more than anybody in the whole business. He’s an unbelievably great human and great father, but if I was Stardust, just know that on 42 different occasions, I was looking up at the lights while R-Truth was dancing around and celebrating. One night, even hit a Cross Rhodes where he managed to not bump.”

Although he knows it’s petty, Rhodes said he’s already sent a warning of his plans to Truth.

“This is definitely petty on my part. He knows, and I told him this the day I came back in Dallas, Texas. I said, ‘When it happens, you’re going to be looking up at the lights. I’m going to make sure of it. If it’s my last day on earth, I’m going to make sure of it.’ He knows.

“There is a fun moment where I come out to the Royal Rumble, the place is digging me, it’s Tampa. Here he comes, he’s making John Cena’s comeback. You can see my in the corner. All I wanted to do was kick him in the face and ruin it. I couldn’t because, if I’m their guy, they like R-Truth too. He knows he’s on borrowed time. He’s on borrowed time. Whenever you count that man out, he does something amazing, but I look forward to it.”

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