Cody Rhodes Says Raw Exit Happened Quicker Than He Hoped

Cody Rhodes WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes has revealed that his upcoming exit from WWE Raw happened faster that he had wished for.

‘The American Nightmare’ will defend his recently won Undisputed WWE Championship on Friday nights moving forward whilst World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest holds the most sought after gold on WWE’s flagship television show.

Rhodes has featured primarily on Raw since returning to WWE in April 2022 and opened up about the impending switch during a pre-WWE Backlash media call on social media site ‘X‘:

“My Raw exit kind of happened quicker than perhaps I was ready for it to happen. And maybe that’s the best. The Draft is what the rules are set. I’m on SmackDown.”

The 38 year-old was full of praise for Raw Superstar ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso ahead of his departure from the show, praising the chemistry that he enjoyed with the former WWE Tag Team Champion:

“The guy, he actually hilariously just opened the door to this room as I was answering this question, Jey Uso, I look forward to working with him again because I feel like we just touched upon maybe some chemistry, just the ability to compete and to cook to perform.

So I was really happy for him being one of the faces, if not the main face, of Monday Night Raw now along with Damian Priest, of course, you’re brand new World Heavyweight Champion.”

Cody Rhodes Names Potential Next Opponent

‘The American Nightmare’ promised to be a fighting champion should he defeat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania to lift the Undisputed WWE Championship and he has remained true to his word so far having put his title on the line across the globe in the four weeks since capturing the gold.

With challenges from the likes of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura successfully negotiated, Rhodes has named a surprising Superstar as his next potential opponent.

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