Cody Rhodes Names Popular WWE Star As Potential Next Opponent

Cody Rhodes With WWE Championship

Cody Rhodes has a wrestler in mind as a future opponent and it’s one of the most popular guys on the WWE SmackDown roster.

As the current Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes is a man who is ready to take on all comers any time and anywhere. Unlike the previous WWE Champion Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes works a full-time WWE schedule and has made it clear he’s going to be a guy that the WWE Universe can count on.

At WWE Backlash France, Cody Rhodes had his first televised WWE Championship defense when he beat AJ Styles in a competitive match that went nearly 30 minutes. Cody managed to put Styles away with a Cross Rhodes.

The next WWE PLE is King and Queen of the Ring on May 25th in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with Cody Rhodes as one of the big names advertised for the show.

While speaking at the WWE Backlash post-show press conference on WWE Digital media channels, Cody was asked about who might be his next opponent.

“That is a really great question. It’s almost a better question for Triple H in terms of the matchmaker, the person who is putting on these international PLEs. Clearly you can see the effort is being made to…we’re not resting on our laurels in the sense of ‘oh business is the hottest it’s been in the last two years.’”

“The intention is that next year when we’re at Backlash again, it’s even bigger. It’s even better. That would truly be amazing. Not to skate away from your question…there’s so many. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface perhaps with AJ Styles. I don’t know if we’ll revisit that. That’s a type of fight I’d love to get into one more time. And he left a little ding on my shoulder that perhaps I’d like to return the favor.”

That’s when Cody brought up a wrestler who wasn’t on the Backlash card, but he did pick up a win on WWE Smackdown in France. That man is LA Knight.

“There’s a lot of folks. I’ll tell you one that’s maybe a little strange. I could name everybody but LA Knight is somebody that I look at because, I get it, ‘oh they’re two good guys.’ I understand that. There is a flavor there. There is something about it. When you have that fever, you gotta know. You want to know. ‘I’m the man.’ ‘No, I’m the man.’ All that macho toxic alpha stuff that I still have a bit of, I suppose.”

Cody Rhodes Still Has The Rock On His Mind

Another man that Cody is still talking about is The Rock. Cody referenced him during the press conference although he didn’t say his name.

“There’s so many and there’s probably new faces that we don’t even know. And I’m not gonna say his name, he had a birthday the other day, but he returned a gift to me that I did not appreciate and when that man returns I’d like to take something from him as well.”

It was The Rock’s 52nd birthday on May 2nd, so that’s who Cody was referring to with the above comment. Cody also referenced The Rock handing him a gift (believed to be a watch) on the Raw after WrestleMania 40 as the two men teased a future singles match.

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