Jim Cornette On Who Should Win AEW World Championship Tournament


Jim Cornette believes Jon Moxley should be a three-time AEW World Champion.

Longtime professional wrestling promoter, on-screen talent, and personality, Jim Cornette offered up his thoughts on the recent AEW World Championship ‘Tournament of Champions’, which culminates at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam when Jon Moxley faces Bryan Danielson in the tournament’s finals.

Cornette believes while Danielson would be a ‘great’ world champion, he believes that Moxley should defeat Danielson with the end goal to ultimately have MJF as the next long-term AEW World Champion.

“At first I was thinking god dammit, can they just put the belt on Danielson?” Cornette explained on the latest episode of his ‘Jim Cornette Experience‘ podcast. “Because at least then you’ve got a guy who can work with everybody, a legitimate star, somebody can carry the fucking thing and nobody is going to scoff at it. But then the problem becomes MJF’s the direction they need to go; they just need to make sure they’re right when they pull the trigger on it. And you know, god dammit, the problem is Danielson was a great heel six months ago and now he’s been in a baby face group.

But is there going to be that much animosity? Can they build between him [MJF] and Danielson which is totally you know, starting from scratch. With Moxley, with that promo that he did I think you put it on him and when MJF beats him for it then MJF has got some f*cking heat. [Brian mentions rushing MJF to the title] Well, I’m not saying rush it regardless, but Goddamnit then here’s the thing, if Moxley wins the belt again and loses it a short time later that even looks worse because he just he just lost the belt after f*cking five days and now he’s back in the tournament. It’s a goddamn mess. [Putting the title on Jericho] No.

No, because that again then he’d have to have matches, single matches, long matches with a variety of people, and we don’t want to have that going on. But no, let’s go with, I think Moxley, rally the folks around him he’s a baby face, have a baby face champion for a little while. Have MJF trying shoot some three pointers at first and f*ck with him from afar and then get closer together and then finally do the thing when the time is right. Danielson would be a great world champion in a vacuum, but I don’t know how it works into this equation right now.”

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