Jim Cornette Claims The Young Bucks Would “Never Make It” In WWE

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette doesn’t think The Young Bucks would cut it in WWE.

Longtime professional wrestling promoter, executive, producer, writer, and on-screen personality, Jim Cornette has once again spoken out against All Elite Wrestling and some of their top talent.

When speaking on his ‘Jim Cornette Experience’ podcast, Cornette claims that WWE offered Matt and Nick Jackson contracts before AEW began just to avoid Tony Khan getting their hands on The Bucks, something Cornette believes the brothers should’ve accepted:

“When you’re just a f*cking talent, when you’re an employee, when you’re just one of the worker bees, yeah, you want to see what kind of contracts you can get. You want to entertain all offers. When you’ve made the commitment that you’re an executive vice president of a company, and they’ve already had one leave when Cody got run off.

Honestly, if they had had not agreed to start AEW, from what we hear, they probably would have got a f*cking WWE contract, because at the time before the company got started, they had made offers to all of them because they didn’t want a billionaire getting in the wrestling business, so they wanted to try to take the talent at the start.”

Cornette goes on to explain how he feels that if AEW never came about, Vince McMahon would never have had any interest in bringing in The Bucks:

“But now, not only that, I mean Vince McMahon, if they were willing to make an offer to The Young Bucks while Vince McMahon was in charge, that meant that they were worried about a billionaire getting into business, and they wanted to put a stop to it. Because there’s no way ever, ever in life that Vince McMahon would sign Matt and Nick Jackson seriously.

Maybe like James Ellsworth or whatever, but not seriously, he wanted to stop the company. Now they’ve seen the company and I’ve said this, I’ve been saying this for a couple of years, they’ve seen what it looks like. That’s why all of a sudden, they stopped those, not only stopped the high contract offers to the WWE talent to keep them but started f*cking firing people. They fired people that Goddamn AEW could pick up immediately and did because they knew what they had as competition at that point and they weren’t concerned.”

The outspoken podcast host would continue and note that while Triple H being in charge gives them more of a chance, he believes that Matt and Nick Jackson will never make it in the WWE system:

“So now, if these two little f*cking dipshi*s are trying to get a deal, I don’t think Triple H would look at them with as much disdain as Vince but he still don’t need them, because they know now what the competition is, and those guys would never make it in the WWE.

They wouldn’t make it in the locker room, they wouldn’t make it in the ring and it would be ridiculous visually. So now they’re trying to see if there’s any interest at this point up there in them so that they can attempt to put Tony over a barrel to sign them to a new, longer term deal or whatever the case, but they ain’t gonna find a lot of people nibbling on that f*cking worm.

The time has passed. They didn’t, they never wanted them to begin with. They wanted Tony Kahn not to have them.”

Cornett’s remarks about The Young Bucks potentially heading to WWE come off the back of recent reports stating that Matt and Nick Jackson ‘sent out feelers’ to the Connecticut-based company on if they’d have any interest once their deals expire in 2024.