“I’m Not Homophobic, Okay?” – Booker T

Booker T

Booker T wants everyone to know that he’s “not homophobic,” and this after his latest comments about NXT star Quincy.

Ever since he made his debut earlier this year on WWE Level Up, Quincy Elliott — who is known as NXT’s “Super Diva” — has caught the attention of many professional wrestling fans. Helping him to rise to popularity, Quincy is known for wrestling skills in the squared circle, as well as his color and flamboyant lifestyle and expressions. In fact, his latest rise to stardom saw him host Halloween Havoc with Shotzi this past Saturday.

Booker T, who is a WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator, hasn’t been shy about his feelings towards Quincy Elliott, saying he’s not sold on what he brings to the table. As a result, some fans on social media are now accusing the legend of “homophobia.”

Booker T said on the most recent episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast:

“Let’s get this straight — I’m not homophobic, okay? I have nothing against people making their choice of who they want to love, who they want to sleep with. I don’t care; that’s not my business.

But Quincy … Quincy might have to give me a reason to like him. I didn’t like Goldust in the beginning, okay? But then Goldust turned out to be one of the greatest acts in the history of this business. I don’t think I can be homophobic and work with someone like Goldust.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.