Buff Bagwell Claims JBL Tried To End His Career, JBL Responds


WWE Hall of Famer JBL has responded to Buff Bagwell’s claim that he attempted to end his career.

Buff Bagwell made his wrestling debut in 1990 and found himself in WCW only a year later. During his early time in the company, Bagwell clashed with the likes of a young Steve Austin and teamed with 2 Cold Scorpio to capture the WCW World Tag Team Titles.

In 1996, Bagwell joined the nWo and stayed with the group until 1999 when he accidentally cost Scott Steiner the World Televison Championship, leading to him being kicked out of the faction. He remained with WCW until the company collapsed in 2001, at which point he made the move to WWE alongside the likes of Booker T and Lance Storm.

Buff Bagwell’s time in WWE was relatively brief and is best remembered for his lacklustre match with Booker T on the July 2nd episode of Raw. The bout was meant to be part of a relaunch of the WCW brand within WWE but was very poorly received by fans and Bagwell left the company just weeks later.

Now, Bagwell has revealed on Twitter that while he was with the company, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield “tried to end” his career. He was responding to a user who shared a story from Hardcore Holly’s book about JBL picking on the wrong guy when he tried to bully Steve Blackman.

“Bradshaw attempted to end my career in a dark segment on Smackdown, I’m glad he’s grown up from those days.”

Since the tweet went out, JBL has responded to Bagwell, assuring him that there was no intent to injure him and he hit him with a powerbomb the same way he would any other wrestler.

“Buff-this is simply not true. It was a powerbomb, a called spot-and I landed you flat, which is safe. No different from anyone else I powerbombed back in the day-stiff, yes, dangerous—no. This is first I’ve heard of this. Not doubting what you thought-but zero intent to injure.”

It appears the two have now settled their differences, with Bagwell telling Bradshaw that he was “dumb enough to listen” to someone who had told him differently and the pair wishing each other well.