Bret Hart Announces “Hitman’s Bar” Opening Soon In Calgary

Bret Hart

Bret Hart is following in Steve Austin’s footsteps by entering the adult beverage business.

Earlier today, Bret tweeted out an announcement that the Hitman’s Bar will be opening in Calgary in February.

According to the tweet, Hitman’s Bar will be “a place to gather, enjoy a great meal, live, laugh, and celebrate.” The location and grand opening date will be revealed at a later date.

Additionally, a separate account for the bar itself has also been created. You can follow the Hitman’s Bar here.

Although Bret Hart is mostly associated with pro wrestling, he has expanded into other ventures over the decades as well. His likeness and trademark black-and-pink color scheme was given to the Calgary Hitman hockey team.

He has also partnered with a local Calgary brewery called Village Brewery to create a special Bret Hart-themed beer called the Hitman Citrus Hibiscus Ale, as well as another Alberta-based company called Romero Distilling Co to promote a special dark rum they released.

Once it’s launched, Hitman’s Bar will become the second Hart Family-related building in Calgary after the Hart House, the famous mansion in which Stu Hart and his children lived for decades. In 2012, the City of Calgary declared Hart House an official heritage site.