Dax Harwood Calls Bret Hart “One Of The Greatest Human Beings”

Bret Hart wearing Santa hat

AEW star Dax Harwood has talked in glowing terms about WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and says he is thankful for what Hart has done for him.

Dax Harwood’s love and admiration for Bret Hart is no secret and The Hitman has even accompanied Harwood and his FTR partner Cash Wheeler to the ring on a few independent shows.

Speaking to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Dax Harwood drills into how much he admires and respects Hart and also adds that he doesn’t mind if other wrestling legends aren’t a huge fan of him in the ring:

“I’ll say this. Bret, he’s passionate and he has a reason to feel the way he feels. He is Bret Hart and he has given so much to this business. He has earned every bit of it and he’s allowed to have whatever opinion he has. There are people that don’t like my work and don’t like working with me and that’s okay because that’s their opinion.”

“I’ve said it before if someone like Booker T went on his podcast and said, ‘I’m not a fan of Dax Harwood,’ that’s okay because that’s not me personally. If he said, ‘Dax Harwood is a sh*tty person and a sh*tty father,’ then we got a problem.”

“But you have the right to your opinion and how you feel about my character and my work. If you think my work is not good, that’s okay. I don’t mind that.”

“But Bret, I talked to him yesterday, overall he is a very positive person. He is one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever met before. I get a lot of flack online when I talk about him, but at one time it was the fan in me, but now it’s the human being in me, how much I love him and respect him, how much he’s done for me, dude.”

h/t Fightful