WWE Teases Bray Wyatt-Alexa Bliss Reunion At Crown Jewel

Bray Wyatt

There is something brewing again between WWE superstars Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss after the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event showed a clip of Bray Wyatt’s moth logo while Alexa Bliss was being interviewed prior to her Tag Team Title defense against Damage CTRL.

What fans noticed the most was the reaction from Bliss at Crown Jewel, who went on to lose the belts with her tag team partner Asuka after winning the titles on Monday’s RAW episode and the reaction hints that there will be at the very least some sort of interaction between Bliss and Wyatt soon.

Immediately after it happened, announcer Michael Cole said:

“We know that Bray Wyatt is here, and we know about Alexa’s previous relationship with him.”

Cole was referring to the previous “relationship” between Bliss and Wyatt’s character “The Fiend,” which saw Bliss come under some sort of trance-like state whenever The Fiend made an appearance, causing her to do his bidding, until she cost him his final match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37.

Bliss was rattled when she saw the logo and it was not long after that her ex-tag team partner Nikki Cross interfered with Bliss and Asuka’s match with Damage CTRL, costing the pair the title belts.