WWE Superstars To Get More Freedom In Promos

Triple H on WWE Raw

According to a new report, WWE Superstars are set to be given a lot more freedom both on the mic and in the ring.

Since Triple H took over as WWE’s Head of Creative following Vince McMahon’s retirement, it has been reported that optimism has been building backstage, with talent said to be excited about the new era.

It seems Triple H has wasted no time in making changes to the way things are run, with a new report saying that the company is loosening up its previously rigid rules around promos and how matches are put together.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has revealed that the company’s stars are now being given more freedom on the microphone, allowing them to improvise more.

Johnson goes on to note that he was told one of the big reasons behind the success of the match between Drew McIntyre and Sheamus on SmackDown was that much of the bout was called in the ring. This is a huge change to having the action laid out spot for spot.

Following their brawl on SmackDown, it was McIntyre who claimed the victory after putting Sheamus through a table and delivering a Claymore Kick. With that win, the Scottish Warrior has earned a match against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle with the title on the line.