WWE News: Debut Episode of R-Truth Game Show (VIDEO)

There’s a new WWE game show and it’s hosted by WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. That’s why it is called…The R-Truth Game Show. Creative title huh?

The R-Truth Game Show is on WWE Network, but WWE decided to post the first episode on Youtube as well in order to get the word out.

When R-Truth was on WWE’s The Bump last week, he explained his new show like this: “This game show is like, no other game show. I got a whole cast, a whole crew man has helped me put this thing together. A lot of my ingenuity goes with it. As a matter of fact?, I keep a count of the points. There’s a lot of prize and prizes that I’m giving away so a lot of laughs. What you’re gonna see, who knows?”

What’s the show about? Truth explained it this way: “I got trivia games, I got scavenger hunts, man. I got picture games, I got so many games on there. And so many good prizes, great prizes. And I got a slew of celebrity guests.”

The first two guests are Alexa Bliss and Sheamus. You can watch it below.