WWE Interested In Working With Jake Paul Again

Jake Paul

Jake Paul made an appearance at Crown Jewel this past Saturday, and according to reports from PWInsider, there appears to be a future in WWE for the younger Paul brother when the time comes.

Logan Paul was matched up against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel, and despite not coming away with a win, Paul held his own against the Tribal Chief and now his younger sibling – who has become a draw in the boxing world – is keen to work with his brother Jake Paul for the promotion.

There is nothing set in stone yet, but at a post-Crown Jewel media event, Jake said that in the future he was interested in joining his brother in WWE and hinted he was interested in fighting none other than Reigns himself.

Both brothers have fought against prestigious fighters, although not in their prime – Logan Paul famously fought Floyd Mayweather, and Jake Paul recently managed to knock down Anderson Silva in the 8th round.

At an early age, both brothers have achieved a stunning level of success, not only in the world of social media and YouTube, but they have proved that they are both capable athletes and there will be no doubt WWE fans will see more of them in the future.