Wardlow On MJF Possibly Becoming AEW Champion

Wardlow MJF

TNT Champion Wardlow has given his thoughts on his former partner MJF potentially becoming AEW Champion and let’s just say, he’s not a fan of that idea.

Wardlow debuted in AEW in 2019 as the hired muscle of Maxwell Jacob Friedman during his feud with Cody Rhodes. Since then Mr. Mayhem lived up to his name as he dealt with the enemies, adversaries, and opponents of MJF.

Together the pair joined the Inner Circle before revealing their true allegiance at the time was to The Pinnacle. It was when MJF started to get a little too mouthy, a little too often with Wardlow that things went south for the pair.

At Revolution in the spring of 2022 MJF battled CM Punk in a brutal and bloody Dog Collar Match. Armed with MJF’s trusty Dynamite Diamond ring, Wardlow looked to be coming to his boss’ aid once again. However, The War Dog claimed to have forgotten the ring before placing it on the canvas for CM Punk to use to win the bout, signalling the days of him doing someone else’s bidding as over.

Wardlow and MJF met at Double Or Nothing with MJF receiving a sound beating and an aural experience like no other as he was battered to the strains of a powerbomb symphony.

But that was then and this is now and MJF will face Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear. Speaking with ESPR, Wardlow spelled out exactly what he thinks about the prospect of that becoming a reality:

“I refuse to have MJF as the champion of my company. So if he ever does weasel his way to getting that title, I will quickly take it off of him.

h/t Fightful