Velveteen Dream Arrested Twice In August

Velveteen Dream

Former WWE Superstar Velveteen Dream has reportedly been arrested twice during the past month.

Former WWE NXT star Velveteen Dream – real name Patrick Clark – was arrested last week on drug paraphernalia charges related to an out-of-county warrant.

A case summary for STATE of Florida vs. Patrick William Clark Jr.’ is available on UniCourt.

Additionally, has reported that Velveteen Dream was previously arrested on August 20th on more serious charges of First Degree Battery, a misdemeanour, and First Degree Trespassing On Property After Warning, also a misdemeanour.

Further details are unavailable at this time as the victim has requested confidentiality through Marsy’s Law, which provides rights and protections for victims of crime.

Dream was bailed out on August 22nd and filed a plea of ‘not guilty’, but was then arrested again on the out-of-county warrant mentioned above. Interestingly, the bail was apparently posted by Tehuti Miles, better known as WWE’s Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis of Hit Row.

A hearing was scheduled for September 28th but subsequently cancelled for unknown reasons.

As Adonis paid the cash bail bond, he is essentially guaranteeing Velveteen Dream’s appearance in court when a new date is scheduled, otherwise, he will forfeit the money.

The former NXT North American Champion was released by WWE in May 2021 following sexual harassment allegations from minors who claimed Clark sent them unsolicited explicit photos.