Triple H Comments on WWE NXT on USA Network Tonight, Vince McMahon, Competition, More

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Triple H recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to help promote WWE NXT moving to the USA Network every Wednesday night at 8PM ET. This is the first week where both hours are on USA Network in the US.

During the interview, Triple H once again addressed the concerns of wrestling fans, that Vince McMahon will begin to “takeover” NXT.

“Everything that happens within WWE has Vince’s fingerprints on it. There is no NXT without Vince. It wouldn’t exist without him. He wants NXT to be different, something for the more passionate fan base. It’s a darker, grittier feel, it’s different. He totally understands that. But he has no desire to be in the day-to-day operations. Vince has a lot of other things on his plate.”

Triple H also addressed going head to head with another wrestling company, with AEW: Dynamite also airing on Wednesday nights.

“To be truly great at something, you make the competition in and of yourself. For me, the competitive juices are always flowing, but the greats don’t just rise to the occasion. If you’re truly great, you deliver all the time. The competitive nature of it, for me, is internal. As NXT has grown in the past five years, we’ve been on Wednesday nights and we’ve been doing TakeOvers. The challenge is competing among ourselves.”

Finally, Triple H stated that Vince McMahon is not the only legendary figure that he learns a lot from, but also New England Patriots coach, Bill Belichick.

“I learn from Bill Belichick every time I watch him. I’m not sure you can find a better example of someone who can build a team, keep that team together, and never allows internal conflicts to stop everyone from running in the same direction. Belichick’s built a team that will run through a wall for him, and he’s built something that will last. There is something remarkable there, and that’s why he’s been as successful as he is. I do try not to mimic his fashion sense. I’m not sure the short sleeve jacket over the sweatshirt is working, but that’s not my call.”

Check out Triple H’s full interview with Sports Illustrated here.

Matt’s Musings: Triple H and the whole WWE are continuing to try to promote the narrative, that they aren’t competing directly with AEW. However, the fact that they currently have three NXT title matches scheduled for tonight, shows they are very much aware that AEW: Dynamite is debuting. As for Vince McMahon, I believe he will keep his distance from NXT as long as viewership on the USA Network stays competitive with AEW’s. If AEW begins to consistently beat NXT in the ratings however, I fully expect Vince to become more involved.