The Rock Comments On Potential WWE Sale

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

One of WWE’s biggest icons, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has recently commented on the possibility of the company being sold and what he would hope to see from a buyer.

Over the past few years, speculation about WWE being sold has been rife. This was fuelled several months ago by Co-CEO Nick Khan who said they would listen to “credible offers” although they weren’t actively looking to sell the company.

The subject came up again in recent months with the unexpected retirement of Vince McMahon, who was widely seen to be integral to WWE’s fortunes. However, with a new management team in place, the promotion seems to have been going from strength-to-strength.

Now, one of WWE’s most recognisable alumni, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, has commented on a potential sale in an interview with BNN Bloomberg.

The Hollywood megastar noted that the key would be for it to be sold to someone who loves the wrestling business, otherwise you could “see the writing on the wall”.

“I’ve known Vince for a very, very long time and he’s a businessman. I think the key if there were a sale of the WWE is to make sure that whoever acquires that brand in that property, you’ve got to love the wrestling business.

“Of course, you can love the asset, and you can love everything that comes with it, but you got to love the professional wrestling business … because if not, then you could kind of see the writing on the wall; four or five years down the road, what will happen?”

During another interview, The Rock recently revealed the advice Vince McMahon gave him as a babyface wrestler.