Seth Rogen Jokes About Looking Like WWE Hall Of Famer

seth rogen beard glasses

Seth Rogen had some fun on social media recently with a joke comment about how some people might think he resembles a WWE legend.

As a very successful actor, writer, producer and director in Hollywood, Seth Rogen is very well-known for some incredible performances during his career.

Rogen has starred some great comedy films in the last 15 years such as Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Superbad and Neighbors. Rogen also produced a move called Blockers that starred WWE’s John Cena among others.

The 40-year-old comedian grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at a time when WWE’s Attitude Era was very popular during his teenage years. That’s why it has led to quite a reaction among wrestling fans online when Rogen did a joke tweet about how he looks like Kane aka Glenn Jacobs.

A photo was posted of an unmasked Kane wearing a “Raw is War” shirt leading to Rogen tweeting: “Damn, my secret has been revealed.”

By looking at the photo, perhaps Rogen felt like at least the glasses, hair and beard style made him resemble Kane at least a little bit. Some of the replies to the Rogen tweet have commented that perhaps he could dress up as Kane for Halloween this year.

This isn’t the first time Rogen has been compared to a WWE superstar because in 2020, Sami Zayn tweeted that maybe he looks Seth Rogen too.

As for Kane, he is now retired as an active wrestler that is also the mayor of Knox County (Knoxville), Tennessee. Kane was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2021.