Roman Reigns On Possible Showdown With The Rock

Roman Reigns The Rock

Roman Reigns has commented on his relationship with WWE icon The Rock and if the two are really on a collision course for WrestleMania 39 as many believe.

Roman Reigns has dominated WWE for the past two years as a dominant Universal and, latterly, WWE Champion. Reigns has taken on all comers, defeating the likes of Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and at Clash at the Castle, Drew McIntyre as he proves exactly why he sits at the head of the table.

During his reign on top, WWE fans have come to realise that there might be only one man who can stop the dominant Reigns and he is a member of The Tribal Chief’s own family.

The Rock last competed in an advertised WrestleMania bout back in 2013 where he lost to John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania 29. Although The People’s Champ did emerge three years later at WrestleMania 32 to defeat Erick Rowan in an impromptu, seconds-long bout.

Speaking on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Roman Reigns discussed his respect and admiration for The Rock and says the family always knew he was special:

“I don’t know if I looked up to him as an idol or anything. Because it’s weird because the relationship right and the connection and the family. So it’s, there has always been a great respect for what he’s done and admiration for how he’s able to do it and the charisma that he possesses in order to affect people.”

“So like, we always knew, like, yeah, he’s special. And you know, I mean, and he’s doing it on a different level. And, you know, you get to a point where it’s like alright, it’s gonna slow down, right, but it just, it just kept going. And he just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and his footprint just gets larger.”

“But it was definitely one of those things where it’s like, oh, he’s doing something major and I’d like to do something similar. I don’t know if I’ll be able to like, push the envelope that far, but I mean, he’s definitely representing our family, our bloodline. And if I can push myself to reach, you know, levels close to that, I think I’m doing all right.”

As far as a potential match with The Rock when WrestleMania Goes Hollywood in 2023, Roman Reigns says he’s ready for the match if it happens:

“I don’t book the show, brother, you know that. I mean, I’m up for anybody, like I said. They keep trying, they keep trying on this one. If it works out, then I’m ready. And it seems like it’s been that way. All the big names all the big stars, whether they’re from you know, our business from the movies to the internet now.”

“I’ve been in a very, very cool groove to where these things have kind of just come to me so I hope that hopefully, they’ll just continue to do that with them.”

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