Ring of Honor’s Jessie ‘ODB’ Kresa discusses training under Eddie Sharkey, TNA and aspirations of a Women’s division in Ring of Honor

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Ring Of Honor’s, Jessie ‘ODB’ Kresa recently took some time to participate in an interview with me. ODB discusses her work with TNA, ROH, training under Eddie Sharkey in OVW and her hopes for a Women’s division in Ring of Honor. Check out excerpts of the interview below and the complete interview here:

On Training Under Eddie Sharkey:

Training with Eddie Sharkey (chuckles), when I first wanted to become a wrestler I wanted to be trained. So going onto the good old internet there and I would say I looked up Eddie Sharkey and we basically trained in a backyard. I went there and I was just coming off from Tough Enough and I went there and I said I wanted to do this and he said, ‘alright, I need some money’ and I said, ‘of course you do’. While I was there Shawn Daivari was there and I just knew that it was the right place you know, 10 minutes from my house and I trained 5 nights a week. I lucked out well and I learned from Eddie Sharkey, you know hide your wallet (chuckles) and about the business, keep your mouth shut.

That obviously helped me a lot my first few years. And as they say I paid my dues and hopped in a van with 5 other guys for my first few years and we would go and do the whole Midwest scene: Chicago, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Worked for $20 and I worked with a lot of guys to start out with and that’s where I learned the most was from the boys. Learn as you go, you never stop learning in this business. It was good to get trained by Eddie Sharkey. He helped me get into this business and I’m very thankful for that.

On Her Time with TNA:

I loved TNA. They made me who I am today too. They gave me an opportunity and I got to be myself which was awesome. They were, ‘we love the ODB character’ so that was cool. Then we had that awesome division when I first got there. There was me, (Awesome) Kong, Traci Brooks, the Beautiful People, (Christy) Hemme, Gail Kim, Roxy. I mean it was classic women’s division. We were all in the Indies together. I remember having that first feeling ever at Bound for Glory 2007 with the first ever battle royal that we did, the first ever Knocked Up champ and it was an awesome feeling. I remember before the match we sat in circle and prayed and said we freakin’ did this. I loved all my parts in TNA. I mean I got married, so I got to have a cool wrestling wedding. That was pretty cool. I got my own talk show. That was pretty fun. I got to kick some ass while I was there.

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